About Laura


Most days my life is a blur of Zoom calls,text message pep talks, and iced coffee.

Oh, and helping women all over the world step into their power and build their dream career and life – no big deal.

But my career hasn’t always been this fun.

I’ve always been ambitious – and knew from a young age that I wanted to lead, not follow. But I spent too many years in the workplace feeling frustrated, tired and confused. Why? 

  • My ideas weren’t heard or appreciated because I wasn’t one of the ‘important decision makers’ yet

  •  I was overlooked for opportunities to lead (nevermind that I never put my own hat into the ring!) 

  • and the only career and personal development advice I received boiled down to “act more like a man.” Not exactly what this feminist wanted to hear.

I worked overtime, got amazing results, and was a team player who was 100% bought in to the mission. I was sure that if I kept my head down and worked hard, someone would notice me and give me a chance to lead in the way I knew I was capable of.