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The New Leader Success Method

Create confidence & impact in your first 30 days as manager

  • Beat impostor syndrome
  • Establish communication with your team
  • Release stress and overwhelm
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Is it possible to be a confident leader at work and stay true to you? Absolutely yes.

If you think being a good boss means wearing an ill-fitting three piece suit and acting more like a man…I probably can’t help you. 🤷‍♀️

If, on the other hand, you want to be a powerful modern leader who makes their team feel supported, who values innovation, and creates impressive results without sacrificing your personality…then welcome!

Managing a team can be an absolute joy and skyrocket your career when you’re confident in your approach.

How it works:

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  3. Jot down the questions you’ve been too nervous to ask about being a confident leader & bring them with you!



This Method is for you if you…

  • Just started a new leadership role in the past 12 months and are ready to create massive results

  • Are looking for a new, intuitive way to lead your team in the year ahead 

  • Are an entrepreneur transitioning from solopreneur to CEO (and have no idea what you’re doing!)

  • Want to grow into a leadership role in the next 6-12 months

And I’m so glad you’re here!

Meet your Trainer


Hi! I’m Laura.

I’m a Women’s Leadership & Career Success coach, and an unapologetic champion for women seeking to build a career & life they love. After struggling with burnout, impostor syndrome and uncertainty in my own career, I decided to eliminate these issues for other career women.

I use my proprietary Personal Power Code personality assessment to help ambitious career women around the world put a vocabulary to their own worth in the workplace. I pair this process with my expertise as a masterful certified coach & NLP practitioner, and my background in Gender Studies, to create customized roadmaps for my clients to go from overlooked and overworked in the ‘Pre-Suite’ to celebrated and confident in the C-Suite as intuitive and authentic leaders.

When nobody believed I was “high potential” in the corporate world, I decided to choose the title for myself.

I’ve gone on to become a thought leader in the coaching industry, build a successful business on my own terms, and help tons of other women hack their corporate experience for more success and joy. 

It’s time to step into true confidence.


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