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Personal Power Code

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Without a doubt, I am an Aspirational style. When you described it, I kept thinking, “oh good, there’s nothing wrong with me!” 

Endless thanks for the training last night.

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The Personal Power Code

Created by Laura Weldy

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Personal Power Code

Check out now to get immediate access to the Personal Power Code course!

The Personal Power Code is not simply a personality test…

It’s a self-discovery tool and a collection of power-building practices that have been developed for you based on hundreds of hours of high-level coaching with ambitious career women.

Most career women I meet want to lead, but have a lot of limiting beliefs about leadership like:

  • “I’m not ready.”
  • “I have to act more like the men in the room.”
  • “I’m missing some skill, certification or accomplishment and nobody will take me seriously without it…”

If this is you, you’re in the right place. 

The Personal Power Code is for anyone who desires to be a powerful, intuitive and authentic leader in the workplace.

It makes uncertainty and self doubt a thing of the past by helping you see the value you already bring to the table – and how to leverage it effectively.

The Personal Power Code system was built for you!

Are you making this common career mistake?

I want to tell you about a little social experiment I hosted a few years ago.

I scheduled coffee dates with dozens of brilliant, ambitious career women and asked each one a simple question:

What’s holding you back from having the career you desire?

Every single woman replied with:

“I don’t have a champion in the workplace.”

They all believed that having someone advocate for your talents and encourage your job growth was the only way to get ahead. The problem? None of them were considering how they could be that champion for themselves.

In other words…they were willing to place their career success and happiness in the hands of anyone but themselves.

Here’s the kicker: they’re not wrong.

Having a champion at work can be helpful! But being your own champion is the most reliable way to get ahead. I created the Personal Power Code to bridge this gap by teaching women how to do just that.

Throughout the course, you’ll learn:

    The key to life-long confidence in what we call the "Serena Williams" mindset shift.

    What makes YOU a uniquely powerful leader.

    A new vocabulary for talking about your skills & leadership vision so that you and others can see your value clearly.

    How to operate from your personal power DAILY instead of from fear, judgement or scarcity.

    Adopt creative strategies for how to get others on board and gain momentum for your ideas - allowing you to get things done quickly and well!

    Practical daily practices to help you APPLY the knowledge you learn about your own skills.

    How to design & tell the story of how you want to be known in the workplace, so you can live into your leadership legacy.

    The Personal Power Code is designed to give you the self-awareness and tools you need to be a true leader in the workplace and in the world.

    Hi, I’m Laura!

    Leadership and life coach for smart, ambitious professional women…

    And, I have great news! I’m on a mission to help you (yes, you!) reclaim your personal power and change the world for the better.

    I believe that the magic in most companies lies in the Pre-Suite women who keep it running with innovative ideas & brilliant strategy.

    The Personal Power Code is designed to help you develop into who you need to be as a leader to sustain your C-Suite goals.

    When you implement my proven system…


    TO THIS:

    Feeling like an impostor who just lucked into her role at work
    Owning your position with unshakeable confidence & tools to tackle all obstacles you encounter
    Second guessing when you should contribute, speak up and lead the team
    Having a keen understanding of your gifts as a leader and when to step into them
    Waiting for a mentor at work to notice you and recommend you for a promotion, raise or special project
    Taking charge of your career & being your own best career advocate

    Ready to reclaim your power?

    I created the Personal Power Code for you!


    Here’s What Customers Have to Say:

    “The great thing about where I work is that we have the ability to do trainings and courses [for professional development]. I’ve done courses before, but nothing that was customized like this to me.

    [Other courses have] felt stagnant, designed for lot of people more experienced than me, the same old thing…but this is for my generation, for women specifically, and just focused on the power within rather than the role you’re in.

    It’s designed so anyone can be a leader.”


    Here’s how the program breaks down…

    Module One

    Executive Presence

    The most outwardly obvious aspect of your code, “executive presence” is all about how others perceive your leadership.

    It answers core question 1: What energy do I bring into the room?

    In module one, you’re going to learn:


    How your energy inpacts others.


    That any type of personality can lead, but you have to understand yourself to know how!


    The three types of executive presence, what your personal executive presence style is, and how to utilize it in the workplace.

    Module Two


    This piece of your code is about how you communicate your thoughts, opinions, and feelings to the outside world. Your Motivation is the part of the code that helps you understand not only how, but also when you are driven to communicate something outwardly.

    This section answers core question 2: What motivates you to do great work?

    In module two, you’re going to learn:


    What motivates you to step up and engage, AND how you communicate when it's your time.


    The three types of motivation.


    The role communication plays with women in the workplace.

    Module Three

    Decision-Making Strategy

    This piece of your personal power code is all about how you listen and process the world around you. It seeks to help you understand what’s happening inside your head when you’re presented with an idea, insight, or invitation, and how you can create space in your schedule to allow for your ideal processing to take place.

    This section answers core question 3: How do I make empowered decisions?

    In module three, you’re going to learn:


    How to make powerful decisions you can stand behind.


    The three types of decision-making strategies.


    Your unique decision-making strategy and how to implement it.

    Module Four


    It is through this creativity and accompanying courage that we see leaders create new products, ideas, and solutions in addition to managing the day-to-day improvements or oversight. There are three main styles of creation, and this category aims to answer core question 4: What is my creative style?

    In module four, you’re going to learn:


    The three styles of creativity.


    You are not here to manage - you're here to LEAD.


    Your specific creative style and how to implement it.

    Module Five

    Impact Desire

    Impact desire is all about how living into your power and making decisions from that place impacts the people around you.

    Impact desire answers core question 5: How do you desire to impact the world?

    In module five, you’re going to learn:


    How to embody a restorative leadership practice that uplifts everyone around you.


    Develop a vision for the legacy you want to leave as a leader.


    How to think critically about power in the workplace & your role in shifting outdated ideas.

    Ready to reclaim your career?

    …because everyone deserves to access their power.



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    Personal Power Code

    Check out now to get immediate access to the Personal Power Code course!


    Here’s What Customers Have to Say:

    “Before I knew my Personal Power Code I was living so far out of alignment! This process helped me to recognize the empowered and disempowered versions of my communication style, my decision making process, my creativity, and even the way I impact others. Since learning it, I’ve been able to leverage my strengths and weaknesses to seriously uplevel my leadership.

    If you love personality tests and Buzzfeed quizzes, this is like that but on steroids. You want to start showing up powerfully in your life and work? Ditch the quizzes and get your Personal Power Code.”

    — Ashley

    If you’re still reading, there’s something holding you back.
    You may be asking yourself…

    What makes this different from other personality tests?

    I get it: you already know the color of your parachute, that you’re a 4w3, and an INFJ. Why do you need to pay to take another test?

    Because those tests are fun & give you information – but they’re not going to give you the tools you need to implement this new knowledge into your daily life. The Personal Power Code has thousands of unique combinations and is designed to help you understand yourself AND the people around you better.

    It’s the only tool designed with the modern, intuitive woman leader in mind.

    Is it the right time?

    In leadership, we often have to start before we’re ready in order to manifest what we want.

    Don’t wait until you’re in a leadership role to learn how to lead. Take charge of your career now!

    What if I don't do anything with it?

    Each lesson is accompanied by a workbook to encourage you to not only learn but to implement what you’re learning. 

    I'm scared to invest in myself!

    If we want our workplaces to invest in us, we have to be willing to invest in ourselves first.

    If you trust that you’ll make the most of these tools to change your confidence at work, be more efficient, and create new career opportunities – then it’s worth investing in the chance and tools to do so.