Register: Women’s Leadership Training

In this top viewed training, you’ll learn:

  • Why it’s difficult for women to become workplace leaders

  • How traditional ‘leadership style’ labels let women down

  • Why leading is about who you’re being – not what you’re doing

  • How to set yourself apart as a high potential candidate for promotions, recognition and more via defining your authentic leadership gifts

About your trainer

Hi! I’m Laura.

I’m a Women’s Leadership & Career Success coach, and an unapologetic champion for women seeking to build a career & life they love. After struggling with burnout, impostor syndrome and uncertainty in my own career, I decided to eliminate these issues for other career women.

I use my proprietary Personal Power Code personality assessment to help ambitious career women around the world put a vocabulary to their own worth in the workplace. I pair this process with my expertise as a masterful certified coach & NLP practitioner, and my background in Gender Studies, to create customized roadmaps for my clients to go from overlooked and overworked in the ‘Pre-Suite’ to celebrated and confident in the C-Suite as intuitive and authentic leaders.

When nobody believed I was “high potential” in the corporate world, I decided to choose the title for myself.

I’ve gone on to become a thought leader in the coaching industry, build a successful business on my own terms, and help tons of other women hack their corporate experience for more success and joy. 


  • Professional Certified Coach through the International Coaching Federation

  • 5+ years of experience coaching high level women leaders through their workplace challenges

  • Certified Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner

  • EFT Tapping Practitioner

  • Coaching industry thought leader

  • Personal experience managing cross-cultural and remotely located teams

  • 10+ years as a professional public speaker

  • Starbucks reward member 😘