I’ll show you how to create career confidence & step into leadership in just 2 days… without any “fake it ‘til ya make it” bullshit..png

My promise to you this October: I’ll show you how to create your career confidence in just 2 days…without any “fake it ‘til ya make it” bullshit.


There are three mistakes I see women make all the time when they’re navigating career & confidence.

  1. They think they’ll feel confident AFTER they get the big promotion – and spend years waiting to get a chance that never comes.

  2. They think that in order to be seen as confident they have to act one specific way (hint: it rhymes with witchy).

  3. They think that becoming a leader is all about them – but it’s sooo not. It’s about being powerful for your people.

Laura’s been featured in…

Laura’s been featured in…

Many women just like you encounter one of these challenges and make a grave error: they choose to settle for what they’ve been given, rather than fight for the career and life they want.

So their brilliance, their ingenuity, their world-changing ideas…are sitting in a dusty notebook somewhere, of use to no one.

I know that it’s harder now than ever to feel like you have control over your life – your career, your hobbies and your community have all been turned upside down in the past few months. It’s natural for you to be feeling in a funk and unsure of what comes next.

But other than pumpkin cream cold brews, there’s only 2 things that are worth investing in financially and mentally right now: clarity, and feeling freaking good.

SURPRISE! The retreat is going to help you with both.



Can you imagine how it would feel to:

  • Wake up excited for your day ahead?

  • Be confident AF – during work AND in your life?

  • Feel motivated and have fun while crushing your to do list?

  • Be seen as a leader and influencer at work, starting immediately?

  • Have difficult conversations while staying cool as a cucumber?


it’s all possible.

in just 2 days.😲


And you’re invited, October 3rd & 4th, 2020!

During this 2 day retreat, I’ll be sharing everything I know about confidence & career. By the end of the weekend you’ll digitally saunter off like the badass you are, knowing:

  • How to cultivate confidence and access it anytime by reprogramming your mind

  • How to ENJOY your work by tapping into your personal power

  • Who you are as a leader, and how to start being her

  • Who your career confidants will be (hint hint: they’re all dying to meet you!)

  • How to navigate career growth conversations in 2020 to get what you want AND

  • How to take tangible action toward the dream job and dream life you want…even in a global pandemic.

It’s a fact: the world’s most successful women have a network of other ambitious women cheering them on.

I know you want that, too.

Plus, you’ll get tons of skills & tools you can use to uplevel your life ASAP.

In fact, here’s a sneak peek at our four main sessions!

Session 1_ Empower (1).png

Session 1_ Empower (2).png