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Become the leader you’re meant to be

& command your career with Powerhouse

The world needs powerful women leaders just like you.

And we need them now! The modern workplace is broken, and you just may hold the key to changing things for the better.

Unfortunately, women face many unique challenges that often keep them from climbing the corporate leadership ladder. The biggest challenges I see ambitious, hardworking women encounter are:

  • Not knowing how to articulate their strengths and advocate for themselves
  • Lack of confidence around the “how to’s” of being an excellent leader of people
  • Impostor syndrome stemming from outdated beliefs, comparing themselves to others and lack of clear expectations
  • Communication challenges that have them feeling like they speak a totally different language than the men at work

Powerhouse is designed to make you your most confident self.



Not knowing how to articulate your strengths and advocate for yourself at work

Being your own career champion

Lack of confidence around the “how to’s” of being an excellent leader of people

Have clarity on your unique value as a leader and feel capable af of showing up powerfully AND authentically

Worried that your lack of experience will expose you as an impostor

Have a plan for monthly deliverables & a process for pumping yourself up when impostor syndrome rears its ugly head

The Personal Power Code is designed to give you the self-awareness and tools you need to be a true leader in the workplace and in the world.

So, what is
Powerhouse anyway?

Powerhouse is my one day, in person VIP experience designed to give you all the transformation, tools and confidence you need to tackle your leadership challenges head on. Using a mixture of high level coaching and proven neurolinguistic programming techniques, we will co-create the most authentic approach for you to create radical results in the workplace.

What does this mean for you?

  • ⚡️More success & recognition
  • ⚡️More sustainable career growth
  • ⚡️More confidence advocating for promotions and raises
  • ⚡️Command any room you enter, authentically
  • ⚡️Reclaim your career for good

No more pretending. No more overworking. No more waiting.

It sounds amazing!
Is Powerhouse for me?

This immersive day is designed to give you confidence and clarity around your leadership brand in one day. Pair powerful coaching with coffee, a beautiful environment and goodies galore – and the combination is magic.

This full day of in person coaching is perfect for any professional woman who:

  • Just started a new leadership role and is ready to create massive results
  • Is considering a job change and wants to head into the interview clear on her value and confident in her communication
  • Veteran leaders who feel burnt out or under-appreciated and could use some career TLC

If this is you – you’re in the right spot!

Your Powerhouse Investment: $2500*


*Investment details: In addition to offering payment plan options, I also offer ongoing coaching packages customized to the client. When you apply and book a consultation call on this page, I’ll ask questions to determine which offering will help you reach your goals most efficiently, with your budget in mind. 

Reserve your Powerhouse day today!

  • 4+ hours of master coaching and support to help you succeed as leader (virtual or in person, travel to Nashville not included)
  • Preparation emails to ensure a powerful experience
  • 70 pg workbook to use during & after
  • Neurolinguistic programming tools to reprogram your subconscious mind for success along with your conscious
  • 1 month of WhatsApp support so you can ask Laura for help with implementation
  • 30 day follow through call

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