Watching each of my clients evolve during our time together is what coaching is all about for me. I’m sharing their words here so that you can feel even more confident in choosing to hire a coach for your own transformation  – they’re just like you, and have created some radical wins!


The biggest takeaway from my session with Laura was that the fears I have are absolutely manageable. If I take a step back, and discover concrete ways to work past the hurdles keeping me from attaining the goals, anything is possible! I don’t have to let my fear debilitate me. There is always an action to take to push myself in the right direction, and Laura helped me find ways to discover those actions!

If you diminish Laura down to her smallest offering, she is an amazing, non-biased sounding board, who’s there to help you get to the place you want to go, but are having trouble getting to on your own. But, if I’m giving her the credit she deserves, Laura is so much more than that. She has the knowledge and the know-how to really help you catapult your life to the next level.

Now, I’m able to reduce any worry or fear I have into tangible action. That’s a very powerful thing. – Tiana


“Powerhouse is a perfect word to describe my time with Laura!

I’m blessed with having had a lot of chances to take developmental courses within my career. This is the first one in a while that I walked out feeling like I truly learned more about myself to be better in all aspects of my life.

Everything she has you do there is a purpose to help you get what you need out of the time with her! I had so many light bulbs go off during our time and walked away with actionable items I can continue to do to keep myself on track!

She truly has hit home with a way to connect leadership to women that I have yet to see. Be ready, be open, be honest for Powerhouse to change the way you see yourself and your career.” -MG


I was lucky enough to work with Laura as my coach last year and it was one of the best decisions I made for myself, both professionally and personally.

Laura helped me break down my situation and mindset, hold the pieces up to the light, and thoughtfully examine them to gain clarity on my values and goals.

Throughout my time working with her, Laura coached me on how to understand myself, challenge thinking patterns, and bring intention back to my life at a time when I was on the verge of burnout.

Her natural mix of empathy, humor, perspective, and fierceness was the refreshing voice I needed to challenge me out of my rut. She gave me tangible ways to set boundaries, create meaningful goals, set realistic expectations of myself, and advocate for the things I needed to be my best.

I now have the perspective and toolkit to tackle any situation work or life may bring my way. Thanks, Laura! -Hayley


Laura’s support has been invaluable to my success & happiness in my role as COO. I feel more confident, more eloquent and much more powerful than I did when we started working together a year ago.

Through implementing my Power Code results and getting supported and challenged by Laura, I’ve been able to grow professionally and personally.

I’ve already budgeted her services in for the year ahead, because I know that with her help, I’ll continue to develop into the leader my business needs to hit our million dollar mark! -Haley


I worked with Laura as my Coach twice. She helped me drop unhelpful labels I had given myself and helped me realize I can give myself permission to lean into whatever career feels good.

The second time I started working with Laura, I had found a day job that had a mission I believed in – but knew I wanted more out of my career.

I knew I wanted to create something as a leader and could not figure out what that was.

I found myself banging my head against the wall struggling to see how my skills could possibly translate into a money-making career. Again, Laura helped me see that I had all of the right ingredients to manifest and build a thriving company — I just had to let down the walls I had built up with my limiting beliefs!

By the end of my second time working with her, I had created my own company, brought on paying clients, and moved my day job to part-time.

Laura helped me flip the script with my own self-beliefs and think bigger about what “work” means, what a “leader” is, and taught me to trust that my talents are valuable to other people!

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Before I started working with Laura, I feared that I was a bad leader and that I wasn’t serving my team in the best way. I was feeling a little bit overwhelmed and defeated.

I had a million things to do and remember, and it seemed like I was dropping the ball with things that mattered.

Laura helped me build structure into my day that makes me feel more in control and focused at work. I know now that life is always going to feel busy, but that doesn’t have to result in overwhelm.

Even though it doesn’t seem like it, we hold all of the power we need to get control and sometimes all it takes is another person to help us lay everything out to get the clarity we need.

As a result of working with Laura, I’ve learned that being able to start my day with a reset and focus gives me so much less anxiety throughout the day. I’m able to sit down and plan for what the day will look like and know what I need to communicate with my team.

I LOVED working with Laura! She has a calming energy and forces me to think critically about myself in a way that is encouraging and inspiring. I always walk away from our conversations feeling empowered and ready to take on the world. She is able to give me the tools I need to succeed and helps me reframe beliefs about myself that may be holding me back. She’s a badass! -Emily


Before I jumped into coaching, I didn’t think I was the type of person who could make goals, work at them, and achieve them. Goals were something to give up on, were too lofty and seemed like they needed militant focus to achieve.

When I tried to take on a resolution or change before I promptly let it go days or weeks later so I was pretty fearful that I would let myself down in that way again.

Luckily, Laura makes following through for yourself easy, exciting, and attainable. She’s your cheerleader, but better yet, she teaches you how to keep yourself accountable in such a joyful and free way that setting goals becomes exciting and not daunting.

So much has shifted since we started working together. I am so much happier, truly SO MUCH HAPPIER. I have been able to turn my frustrations and my fears into excitement and purpose. I can let the things out of my control go, while focusing on the things I can make better and build up.

I feel free and calm at work now, I can breathe easy at the end of the day after feeling productive and knowing that I’ve contributed to spaces that I love. my relationships with my co-workers have improved and I feel like I am so much more effective in my role. I have the tools now to continue to craft an intentional life that I’m pumped about! -Laura

I’ve worked with coaches professionally and personally and Lo is one of the best...

I highly recommend Lo Weldy as a coach if you’re looking to make meaningful change in your life. I had the opportunity to be coached by Lo and really clicked with her approach. She creates an environment in which you feel like you’re talking to a really close friend, with the added benefit being she’s highly skilled (and professionally certified) in helping you obtain breakthroughs.

The biggest shift for me was Lo helped me uncover a pattern that repeats in my personal life, one that seemed unrelated to a decision I was making at the time. I was creating a story and giving the choice more meaning than was necessary. The way she had me pause and reflect helped me come to a conclusion I felt really good about. A weight was lifted due to Lo connecting those dots for me.

I’ve worked with coaches professionally and personally and Lo is one of the best. Reach out to her if you want someone you feel really comfortable opening up to, who also creates impactful changes in your life. -Jennifer

powerhouse helped her transition into leadership with support...

The powerhouse session with Laura was more than what I expected.

She helped me understand why I believe some things that are limiting to myself and my career and helped me with some exercises and tricks for removing those limiting beliefs.

Besides that, the powerhouse workbook is full of great insights to better understand my leadership style. Throughout the day we spoke about examples of things that are happening as I transition into a leadership role and Laura gave me a lot of actionable advice to start putting into practice. I can only recommend her as your coach if you’re transitioning into a leadership position.