The 3 money lies I hear the most as coach – and how to quit their drama forever!

The 3 money lies I hear the most as coach – and how to quit their drama forever!


A life coach gets honest about the three money lies she most often hears from clients and friends. Also includes a free worksheet with journalling prompts to help you conquer your money mindset, once and for all!

Last week I got real on money mindset: what it is and why it matters for women. But I’m not done yet! Talking about our attitudes and preconceptions around money is one of the most important conversations we can have, precisely because money itself is unimportant. Money as we know it is simply paper – it doesn’t mean anything about who we are. However, because money is a tool we can use it to create the life we want or to deny ourselves that life – and therein lies the importance. 

When we do have conversations about money as women, we often fill the gaps and lulls with deprecating comments or diversions to other more comfortable arenas. We’ll focus on the areas that don’t really matter (i.e. how much that item costs and why we could never splurge in that way) instead of the areas that do matter (how we perceive money and how we can feel liberated by our income to pursue a life we desire). Money has power over our lives because for the most part we have chosen to allow it to reign supreme. It is often THE deciding factor in all areas of our life:  location, relationships, health and wellness, career and many others.

What if you and your desires could be the deciding factor instead? (Psst. If you haven’t read The Desire Map yet, pause here and do that! I also highly recommend Money, a Love Story if you’re interested in a more in depth understanding of your own money mindset.)

Today, I’m sharing three of the money stories (and usually, they’re not true stories!) I hear most often in my work as coach, and journalling prompts to help you understand and overcome them. Overcoming them will help you release some of the hold that money has over you and your life, as you realize that the only reason money seems to exert power is because you choose to let it.

  1. Someday I’ll ____, once I have enough money.
    • Journalling prompts: In what other areas of my life am I putting things off for “someday?” How will I know when I’ve saved enough money? What is my relationship to having “enough?” What if I took action now, and figured out the money along the way?
  2. Rich people are all greedy and materialistic.
    • Journalling prompts: Why do I believe these things about rich people? Are there examples of alternative people that prove me incorrect? Do I think having money would fundamentally change me as a person? Why do I feel the need to judge people who have money? What are ways that people with money can make the world a better place?
  3. I can’t afford that.
    • Journalling prompts: Why is this my instinctual response? Is this true for me, or just what I’m accustomed to? What steps could I take to make this possible? What CAN I afford? 

Once you spend some time journalling on these or other money stories, let them go. You can have a money lies release ritual, or just close your notebook with purpose, cutting off the need to focus on that limiting belief. Remember that every day and every dollar is an opportunity to rewrite your attitude toward money, and to feel empowered rather than trapped by the money in your account. 

And keep talking about it! Ask other women in your life some of these questions, and learn from their experiences. The more we share our knowledge, the stronger we all become. Next week, my local women’s mastermind is meeting in person to tackle these money stories and rewrite versions that make us feel inspired rather than discouraged. What’s your rewrite look like? xx