How to crush a midyear goal check-in

How to crush a midyear goal check-in

Download a free worksheet designed by a life coach to help you do a mid year check-in on your goals!

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you know that I’m pretty damn obsessed with the goal setting process. I spend a lot of time, energy & blog space on goals because they’re how. shit. gets. done. Point blank.

I’m not saying goals are all that matters – there are definitely conversations to be had around mindset, time management, limiting beliefs, etc. But I do believe that having solid goals that you regularly refer back to is HOW you uncover and work through all of those obstacles.

Your goals are your guidebook, your guru & your gumption, all rolled up in one. 


Like many of you, I set some ambitious goals in January, and I’ve been steadily working towards them. There are days & weeks I’ve felt unsure, distracted and unmotivated. The great thing about having my specific goals written out is that it eliminates the guesswork for how to get back on track.

When I feel bored, disconnected, or like I’m treading water in life and biz, I look back to my goal card. 

I take an action that day that directly contributes to my goal(s). That’s it. That is the secret to making your goals possible – powerful goal setting, regular revisiting, and constant contribution to the end result. 

Halfway through my time with my private coaching clients, I always have them complete a simple goal audit. This allows them to gently be reminded of the ambitions they were chasing when they sought out a coach. This generally leads to one of three outcomes:

  1. Pride in their progress and reassurance that their path is truly working
  2. An inspirational wake up call to refocus their time and energy where they matter
  3. A revision of the goals to better align with new dreams (not just distractions!)

What I want all my clients & you to know is that all 3 results are good. Your goal audit should never be a source of shame, but an opportunity to reclaim the anticipation and fun of beginning of the year goal setting. Make it a celebration – even if it’s a wake up call! You’re learning what does and doesn’t work for you as you chase your dreams, and that’s a beautiful thing. 

Download a free worksheet designed by a life coach to help you do a mid year check-in on your goals!

Do you have already have access to my free resource library, The Support Vault? If so, login here and find the goal audit with the rest of the goodies! 

I hope you’ll give the goal audit a chance, and incorporate it into your regular routines. You can use it every six months, every month or even at the end of each week – whenever you need a big picture understanding of your progress. 

Let me know how it goes! If you run into any difficulties or notice any potential learning opportunities for yourself, leave a comment or email me here for some personalized feedback. Use the subject line “My goal audit,” and I’ll get back to you in a jiffy! 

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Download a free worksheet designed by a life coach to help you do a mid year check-in on your goals!
Download a free worksheet designed by a life coach to help you do a mid year check-in on your goals!Download a free worksheet designed by a life coach to help you do a mid year check-in on your goals!“/>
Download a free worksheet designed by a life coach to help you do a mid year check-in on your goals!

The power of routine


This post details the power of routine in building a life that you love. The post also contains a link to download "Reclaim your AM," a planning guide to creating a morning routine that benefits you.

Establishing a routine and following it isn’t easy: but it WILL reap major results.

I’m 28 and just starting to embrace routine. I’ve been rebellious and reallllly stubborn most of my life, and resisted calendars and schedules because I felt suffocated. I recently decided that whatever I was doing wasn’t working-I had no time for myself, and always felt exhausted and pulled in a million directions. I figured I had nothing to lose by trying a scheduled routine. 


I was as shocked as you are at the immense relief I felt and the way it changed my life. 

Now, I rise at 7 am for some yoga, coffee, reading and mindset work. I get to breathe in the first morning light right alongside my pup, and we get lots of bonding and cuddle time. I also have enough time to get ready for the day, which is critical to my sanity since I work from home. By beginning my morning in this way, rather than snoozing until my first meeting, I’m able to settle into my work calmly and energized when 9 am rolls around. Side note: No, I’m not perfect. Every day doesn’t start this way – but the ones that do feel that much more magical.

Evenings have their vibes, which for me is much more flexible. I do try to end and begin the day with a book, rather than my phone, and I take a few moments to use my favorite face oil and slip into my most comfortable pajamas. 

What have I learned? If you are able to organize your day around your routine, you’ll be better prepped for anything the Universe sends your way. Whether your routine is simple or complex, let yourself dive into the ritual. The act of doing can be peaceful in itself, and a source of calm continuity when life can so often feel volatile.

Going into your morning or evening routine with the right attitude is everything. Don’t see this as another to-do on your never-ending list. Instead, learn to value this time as unapologetically yours, and relish every moment. It certainly makes getting up a few minutes earlier much easier to bear! On that note, if you’re not into it, don’t try to force it in your routine. Going to the gym has never worked at getting me out of bed in the morning. Books? Absolutely. 


Tell me in the comments: what does your routine look like?