🤘🏻3 ways to beat the Sunday slump🤘🏻

🤘🏻3 ways to beat the Sunday slump🤘🏻

Prep for this weekend ahead of time, with a plan to beat the Sunday and Monday blues.

Do you ever suffer from the Sunday slump blues? It happens to the best of us. Whether you love your current job/life/situation or not, it’s completely normal to feel a slump every once in awhile. If you’re reading this, you’re committed to changing your life to the best version that’s possible. But it takes some time! 

If you’re feeling the Sunday blues (a prequel to the Monday funk!), here are three ways you can counteract them NOW. Consider this email your emergency slump first-aid kit. 

1) Wake up early. 

You know I’m a huge fan of the morning routine! It’s ironic that the days it’s most difficult for us to stick to our morning routine is usually the days that we need it most. If we start our week off in a rush out the front door, it sets a precedent for the rest of the week. 

Would you rather have a week of being 10 minutes late, forgetting to eat breakfast and dropping your coffee–or a week of arriving ten minutes early, already caffeinated, fed and with a few blog posts spurring your creative thought? Mmmmm yeah. the second option sounds good to me. Getting up early means you’ll also have time before work to do something YOU want to do. It makes it difficult to resent Monday so much. 

2) Grab your headphones.

Download an audiobook or a podcast that you’ve been meaning to listen to, and let it be your soundtrack for the day. Reach out if you need recommendations, I could talk podcasts and books for hours! Music distracts me from my work, but intellectual conversation makes me feel awake and engaged. Find what works for you! 

3) Choose a mantra for your week. 

Ultimately, your experience comes down to your intention. Decide at the beginning of the week what your mantra will be, and write it somewhere visible. Your mantra will provide you with a brief reminder of what you truly desire, and how you want to feel. 

My mantra for the week?

Everything in my life is an outrageous adventure. 

Be well!

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