prioritization tool.png

Do you ever feel overwhelmed and paralyzed by the number of things on your to do list? Is your calendar so jam packed with events, obligations and reminders that you feel like you’re constantly behind? 

I know that I’ve been there – and still am, at times. 

You can absolutely kick this habit to the curb, though. All it takes is a bit of mindfulness. 

When you hear mindfulness, what do you imagine? Many people think of a super zen monk meditating in a beautiful surrounding. I love this image, because meditation is something I believe strongly in.

But, of course, mindfulness is more than just meditation; in fact, meditation is a tool that can help you achieve mindfulness. At its core, being mindful is simply dedicating yourself to noticing and focusing on what’s present for you rather than running around absentmindedly trying to check off your tasks. 

Sometimes, it’s hard to stay mindful. That’s why I created this super simple prioritization tool to use with my clients. Sit down with your to do list, and rank each item 1-5. A 1 task is something that will have very little impact on your life or business, and a 5 task will have an enormous, game-changing impact. 

Now commit to spending only the corresponding amount of time on those items. A 1 task gets 10 minutes to complete, and a 5 task gets 50 minutes. When the time is up, it’s up. This practice can be flexible (i.e. don’t hit send on the email before it’s actually completed!), but allow it to show you how to effectively use your time on the things that matter most – and stress less about the silly little 1s. 😉

Did you find this tool helpful? Are you eager to hear more about the tools my clients and I design together? Let me know in the comments, or shoot me a note at to learn more about how life coaching can support you!