Leaders often feel burnt out and stretched thin. Self-reflection has proven to be an effective tool to energize and engage leaders. Try these tips to feel more excited about your work and impact!

If you didn’t know this before, hear me now: I am a hugeeeee nerd when it comes to understanding how our minds and bodies work to create our daily experience. I’m much more likely to be found reading a research paper on a Friday night than out and about in Nashville. And sometimes I stumble across things I just HAVE to share with you…like this recent discovery that validates the entire personal development industry.

I mean, no big deal or anything. 😂

Here’s the core takeaway that I want you to know:

Research shows that leaders who practice self-reflection on a daily basis are more engaged in their work (and able to fully exude presence and leadership to others as a result).

They’re also less likely to be burnt out, AND – this is a big one – they actually feel more energized.

Even without that third cup of coffee, these leaders are energized from within about their work. Doesn’t that sound incredible? 1

Let’s break down why that matters for all of us.

We’re all on our own leadership journey, whether we have the title we’ve always wanted or not. Leadership development is an active process that requires a willingness to become more self-aware every day. On top of that not-so-light load is the fact that you’re often being asked to expand your energetic space – holding more room for new people, new ideas, and more oversight and tasks, and taking on uncomfortable situations and conversations on a daily basis.

It’s no surprise that many leaders are feeling drained, disengaged, and even overly protective of their energetic resources.

But this research shows us that the simple solutions can actually be wildly effective. You are beyond capable of holding space for all of these aspects of your role and for continuing to expand in future roles – but it’s critical that you create routines that allow you to stay in energetic alignment.

When leaders are able to switch from the reactive, hoarding, stress-filled attitude to one of proactive, engaged and generous everyone’s experience improves. Our work gets better, the work of people around us gets better, and frankly – it feels better. It’s more fun.

Adding self-reflection to your plate doesn’t need to be overwhelming. Keep it simple to reap the benefits! I’ve included some of my favorite resources below for incorporating a bit more intentionality and for making those conscious connections between your actions and the impact it has on other people, below. Give one or more of them a shot for the next week, and take note of whether you feel more energized and excited about your work!

Ideas to incorporate self-reflection into your life for massive leadership benefits:

  • Create a simple morning or evening reflection routine. Grab a piece of paper and ask yourself: What was the most impactful thing I did today? How did I show up in my power? What am I excited about nurturing or creating in the months ahead? What is one thing that makes my leadership stronger?

  • Arrive at work ten minutes early and spend that time looking over your day’s calendar. Pick one interaction to be intentional about.

  • Work with a coach to analyze your unique strengths as an individual leader, and to ensure that you’re structuring your day to day in a way that utilizes those strengths effectively. You can message me here for more information about how I can support you as your coach!

  • Pick an individual you often work with, and ask how you might be able to support them.

  • Meditate on the question: What makes me a unique leader to my community?

You need to prioritize self-reflection to be a better leader! Leaders often feel burnt out and stretched thin. Self-reflection has proven to be an effective tool to energize and engage leaders. Try these tips to feel more excited about your work and…

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