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There’s a misconception that Inner Glow Circle’s coach training program is only for folks who want to be entrepreneurs and launch their own coaching business. But, I’m here to debunk the myths — that’s just not true!

While coaching can be an incredibly fulfilling solo endeavor, there’s also endless value in coaching certification within your traditional 9-5 role. Account services director at an advertising firm? Head of people at an energized, new startup? Regardless of where you clock those hours, coaching is a skill set that is in demand now more than ever, and sets you up not only for short-term wins, but long-term success as you climb the corporate ladder. Becoming a coach is a no-brainer for any woman who wants to establish themselves as a leader of people and an innovator in the workplace. And, I’ll tell you why.

Here are 8 no-nonsense ways coach training can give you a major leg up in your place of work:

Pad your resume

Completing a coach training program shows that you’re dedicated to personal and professional growth. Not only will your employer see that you’re willing to take the initiative to do it on your own, they’ll also see your commitment to a learning and growth focused mindset. Nothing screams, “I deserve a raise!” like putting in those extra hours to develop your personal skill set.

Become an effective and engaged communicator

No, really! Coaching is a set of skills that demand highly specific and clear listening, as well as intentional speaking. And, who doesn’t want to welcome more of that into their life? You’ll be pushed to listen between the lines and practice deliberate word choice. Clarity is queen, and coach training will help you master this skill.

Prime your leadership abilities

Participating in something that gets you passionate and intrigued will spread those feelings to others. It’s like smiling — you can’t help but do it if there are others around showing off their pearly whites! Leadership presence is carefully cultivated throughout coach training as you practice direct communication, anticipate needs, and co-create holistic solutions for your clients.

Stand out by learning to self-manage

When you recognize your own limiting beliefs and patterns (which we all have), you can objectively dismantle them without needing the ear and guidance of your manager. You’ll become more resourceful and able to switch back into high-gear quickly.

Generate extra revenue

This one’s big! New skills lead to new income potential, and who doesn’t love that? You can coach in your off-work hours or even use your improved communication skills to negotiate for that raise you’ve been after or a newly presented promotion in the workplace.

Bust coworker’s blocks

Throughout the six-month course, you’ll start to see coachable moments everywhere, even if you don’t manage others. When your coworkers feel stressed or unsure, you can lead them through their breakdown and into a breakthrough. Not only is this extremely helpful and beneficial for them, it also makes you a natural leader and invaluable member of the workplace.

Boost your productivity

Let’s face it: this is a hot-ticket topic that everyone wants to conquer. But, get ready to kiss old habits goodbye — for good this time! Coach training teaches us that we’re always at choice when it comes to our habits, and your coaching presence will teach you sustained focus. Remember when everyone said we’re going into 2020 with 20-20 vision? Well, we have arrived…

Be in demand

It’s no secret: coaching is growing more popular by the day, and coaches continue to innovate application of their skills to benefit others. Don’t just take my word for it, either! According to recent research by the International Coach Federation and Human Capital Institute, “Coaching and developing others, engaging and inspiring others, and having emotional intelligence are the most valuable skills and competencies for first-time people managers according to respondents.*” Perhaps just as importantly, the study goes on to find that only 36% of the polled organizations are set up to provide coach-specific training*. In simple terms, this shows us is that this skill set is highly valued (if not coveted), in demand, and requires the initiative of employees to access. 

Still not convinced coaching can help you innovate, ideate, and show up more fully in your current job? Let’s talk! I’d love to hear your personal story and share my experience.

*Filipowski, Ruth & Heverin 2017 Building a Coaching Culture with Millennial Leaders

I offer professional coaching for rising women leaders in the corporate world, with a focus on helping them overcome imposter syndrome via professional coaching, virtual coaching, invitation only masterminds and powerful online courses. If your goals for the year include overcoming imposter syndrome and career mindset work, let’s talk! I’d love to help you build an action plan for success. Click here to apply for a free coaching consultation with me directly!

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