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Eight years ago, I was traveling around the United States in a van, sleeping on strangers’ floors in between daily speaking gigs. After a year on the road, I shot to the top. I began to manage remote teams internationally and flew out to help their performance. I was giving feedback, turning volunteers into successful salespeople, and helping to mitigate PR crises and personal breakdowns. I was 22. Fresh out of college and guessing my way through much of that first “real” job.

It might have looked idyllic from the outside, but what very few people saw is that I felt like I was carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders. I was anxious, staying up at night trying to calm heart palpitations and trying to show up for my people powerfully on little sleep. I was exhausted. Not tired, but the bone-deep level of exhaustion that is barely touched by three shots of espresso in the first coffee of many the next morning. I was also broke, giving my all because this work was mission-driven and something that I knew would change the world. 

What I didn’t understand was why it took everything from me. 

The burnout didn’t end when that job did. I went on to job after job, constantly giving and hoping to be seen and acknowledged. I wanted to climb the corporate ladder, but often found myself just trying to claw my way out of a box, feeling like I had little control over my path. This combination of anxiety, burnout, and powerlessness finally became too much. And, I left. 

What happened after the burnout? I became a life coach for women.

I started training to become a life coach because I realized that all I’d ever wanted to do was support women, help them overcome odds, and take care of myself in the process. When I started training, I had almost no savings, a lean checking account, and only the semblance of a plan. 

But, what I did have was the unshakeable belief that I was meant for more than answering phones or emails. And that if nobody else could see my potential, it would be up to me to create my own version of “more.” That I would rather work my butt off in pursuit of my own more than work my butt off to go unrecognized — just a cog in the machine of a bigger company.

I knew that I trusted myself to work hard and do whatever it took to make my dream a reality. So, I leapt off that cliff. I left the life I knew — a regular paycheck and counting down the minutes until the end of my shift — for the unknown. I had zero clue how to run a business or even whether I’d be able to pay my bills. And, now?

  • I have become one of the most highly regarded life coaches in Nashville, and work with clients all around the U.S.

  • I sit in meetings weekly with powerful women in leadership and entrepreneurs I used to merely look up to.

  • I am truly fulfilled by my work. I wake up in the middle of the night with ideas I can’t wait to implement. I am inspired daily by my clients and the results they create!

  • I just created my highest revenue month ever (we’re talking five figures in one month) DURING a worldwide pandemic, and I’m projected to hit five figure months the rest of the year.

  • I’m working way less than I ever was before, and have plenty of times for naps and prioritizing my mental and physical health.


I share all of this not to brag, but to show that you too can build a business — seriously! You can get the recognition, creative freedom, and time that you crave.

Even if you’ve never run a business before. Even if you have doubts and fears or feel imposter syndrome. The only thing that you have to have? The courage to jump in and start. 

Nobody else can give you the reassurance you’re seeking right now. It will feel a little scary, but at Inner Glow Circle, we do it in community. 

Perhaps you’ve never considered becoming a coach, but the benefits I mentioned check all of your “dream job” wishlist boxes. You could even fall on the other side of that coin, always dreaming of stepping into the role of “coach” and helping individuals experience personal freedom and growth. Wherever you’re at, I’d love to talk through some of your options together. So, let’s chat! I’ve been talking to women from all over the world who are ready to change lives and I want to talk to YOU.

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