Have you ever had a miles long to do list that you just don’t want to tackle? Instead of getting down to business, you’ve likely procrastinated by rewriting that list in better handwriting, a different pen, or moving a paper and pen version to a digital one.

You KNOW when you’re doing this that it isn’t addressing the actual problem, but you do it anyway because it feels easier and it feels productive.

But that’s faux productivity. And so is editing your resume for the millionth time when you feel unsatisfied at work.

Do you need to have an updated resume? Sure. But is updating your resume going to solve the real problems you’re facing of being constantly overwhelmed at work, burnt out, under-appreciated and unsure of how to claim ownership of your career? 

You need to stop updating the margin size on your resume and instead start asking yourself questions about who you want to be & what it would take to show up as her.

There’s now another choice for women in the workplace.

If you’re struggling, don’t be ashamed – historically there haven’t been a ton of widely available resources to women in the workplace like you:  ambitious, high achieving career women in the “pre-suite” of middle management who want to see massive career success and lead ethically. That’s why I created the Powerhouse process, a 6 month long path to defining yourself AND the way you show up most powerfully with confidence in the workplace. I’ll help you build long term career success that prevents burnout, helps your team create results AND helps you become a people-centric leader by simply being more you.

Let’s tackle a few misconceptions about leadership coaching:

  • It’s not needed until you reach the C Suite

    • WRONG! Coaching preps you for an experience. If you desire to reach the C Suite, investing in a leadership coach helps you get ready for that transition – whether it’s a few weeks or a few years in your future. Coaching acts like a fast forward button on your goals. When I work with clients, they reach their goals for promotions, compensation increases, etc. in Iess time than it would have taken them on their own. Waiting until you have the dream job before investing in a coach is like waiting to practice your gymnastic skills until AFTER you’ve been offered a place on the next Olympic team. Doesn’t make much sense, does it?

  • It’s only for those on a PIP (performance improvement plan)

    • WRONG! Coaching and performance improvement are related, but not the same. Leadership coaching is about helping you get even better – and performance improvement plans are implemented when you’re struggling to meet basic needs of your job. Spoiler: investing in long term career coaching helps you to see those blind spots before they become an issue, and can keep you off of PIPs!

  • It’s a “nice to have,” but not a priority

    • WRONG! Sure, this is true – if your career is a “nice to have,” too. Leadership coaching will help you improve your daily experience at work, tackle obstacles that have been holding you back for years, and prove your value to your manager and to the company as a whole. Employees who take the initiative to get coached and examine their growth opportunities proactively are invaluable to companies, and that commitment is noticed. Think job security, confidence in the workplace, better peer and manager feedback, opportunities for advancement and all the data you need to argue for increased compensation if desired. 

  • It should be paid for by your company, or done by an internal coach your company has hired

    • WRONG! This isn’t always a bad idea – but it’s just another reason to delay a process that will help you create the career you want. Although coaching should always be confidential, it’s important to consider the motivations of an internal coach as well. If paid for by the company, they may have more of a vested interest in improving your performance over helping you find fulfillment and opportunity in your role.

  • You need to hire the best coach you can afford

    • Also wrong! This might be seen as a betrayal to the coaching community – but I have your best interests at heart. Coaching is an investment, and I do not recommend discount shopping for the cheapest coach you can find – they may be cheap because they’ve got less experience. You do NOT need to pay $25,000 for a coach immediately, either. The most important component to finding the right coach for you (more important than price, industry experience, even more important than their method) is personality fit and values alignment. Look for someone who can pull the best you forward, and hold you accountable to the momentum you create.

P.S. I believe in making leadership coaching accessible, and that you have to actually TRY coaching to understand it.  That’s why I offer a kickoff intensive that allows you to try coaching with me for a low rate. When you see the magical results we create together, you then have the option to move into a more long term coaching relationship.

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What I won’t do as a career coach/executive coach is review your resume, write out a 360 review or check over your daily tasks. Because none of these things will create the transformation that you truly desire: a workday that energizes you, a team that does their best work for you, and a career in which you find massive success and acknowledgement. That’s an inside job.

Leadership coaching is personal development for professional women, and now is the time for you to start.


I help women in the workplace become confident leaders by tackling impostor syndrome and so much more. I do this through professional coaching, invitation only masterminds and powerful courses. If this sounds like you, let’s talk! I’d love to help you build an action plan for success. Click here to apply for a free coaching consultation with me directly!

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