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Have you ever had an average day spoiled because you happened to wake up in a grumpy mood? 

How we feel, think and expect our day to go has a huge impact on what actually happens – this is why paying conscious attention to your mood & perspective is so key for success. We have the ability to shift our results and our experience of the day by shifting our attitude first! If we practice doing so regularly, we can see improved performance at work, a better attitude, more recognition from others & less fatigue – talk about establishing yourself as a leader! 

Building this habit of choosing your daily perspective and getting your brain on board is called a mindset routine, and it’s simple to start!

While mindset routines and practices are common in the world of entrepreneurs, it’s not as discussed in the world of corporate America. I’m here to suggest a few ways you can incorporate mindset work into your daily life via a short, reflection based morning routine. Grab your coffee, and let’s get started!

1) Practice visualizing for five minutes what you want your work and home life to look like, feel like & create. Imagine a movie playing on your eyelids that shows you going about your daily routine but with everything working out in your favor. Imagine that you already have the promotion, the lifestyle and the feeling of fulfillment and energy that you’ve been seeking. Fun fact: the human brain can’t tell the difference between an excellent visualization and real life, so get detailed and you’ll immediately access that desired feeling! It’s like skipping ahead – your body and mind get to experience the benefit of your hard work before you see it happen IRL.

2) Grab a notebook and list five ways that the things you’re committed to doing today supports the dream life and career you just imagined. It can be big, like “The job I’m interviewing for is exactly what I want!” to small, such as “I’m taking a walk at lunch to feel more energized.” Every point counts!

3) Have a little extra time one morning? Describe in as much detail as possible the person you desire to be. How does she dress, think, decorate? What kind of ideas does she nurture? What does she create? Where does she live, and how does she make others feel? How would others describe her? What does she NOT have time for? Once your list is complete, imagine stepping into her shoes and facing your current challenges: what would she do first to tackle this?

If you’re struggling to visualize your own success, it may be an indication that you’re ready for some career clarity! Schedule a free call by applying here & I’ll help you figure out where you want to be headed in the workplace!

I offer professional coaching for rising women leaders in the corporate world, with a focus on helping them overcome mindset issues via professional coaching, virtual coaching, invitation only masterminds and powerful online courses. If your goals for the year include mindset work, let’s talk! I’d love to help you build an action plan for success. Click here to apply for a free coaching consultation with me directly!

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