Something women in the business world know all too well—just because you are a leader doesn’t mean that people will treat you like one. It can be difficult to command authority as a woman. So much of it is about executive presence—charisma, persona, and how you show up in a room. For women, executive presence has to do with the authority you command, but you don’t have to conform to characteristics of a male leader. It’s about showing up as the most powerful, authentic version of yourself.

We’ve all been in a room where people fake it until they make it. Though the advice is given often, this sort of behavior does not command authority or build trust. The best way you can build authority by showing up consistently and predictably. The more predictable you are, the more your people feel at ease and safe—it makes them more willing to trust your decisions. Acting erratically as a leader leaves people unsure how to fulfill your expectations. Creating consistency and stability is especially important as a new leader. 

Here are a few questions to help you think about how you’re showing up and how consistently you’re showing up:

  1. Am I backing up my words with my actions?

  2. Am I communicating my original thoughts on a regular basis? 

  3. Am I demonstrating leadership or am I waiting for a chance?

  4. What would I do differently and why?

There is a misconception that it can take a lifetime to become a leader—but that doesn’t have to be true. If you make time for it, you can do a significant amount of personal and professional development in just four hours—that’s what we do in Powerhouse!

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My name is Laura Weldy, and I’m a women’s leadership coach. I help women in the workplace become confident leaders by tackling their mindset head on so they can think like a leader before they have the job title. I do this through professional coaching, virtual coaching, small group masterminds and powerful courses. If you’re looking to become more successful and fulfilled at work, let’s talk! I’d love to help you build an action plan for success. Click here to apply for a free coaching consultation with me directly!