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What is the best leadership style for women?

If you’ve been in the corporate world for longer than a month, you’ve almost certainly heard someone discuss their approach to leadership, or their leadership style. 

Women in particular need to think critically about their leadership style because research has shown that women leaders encounter the ‘double bind’ – aka whether they act in masculine ways at work or feminine ways, they’re not taken seriously. Too masculine in their approach and they’re not considered likeable, but if women behave in a manner thought of as too feminine, they’re too soft to lead.


What are the different leadership styles?

An extension of your personal brand, your leadership style is about how you manage others (of course!). But here’s the thing – it’s so much more than just your beliefs about management. Your leadership profile is also about your gifts, how you add value to the workplace, and how you influence others.

There are tons of books written by men about leadership styles with pretentious names like “Alphas.” Because so much of the leadership curriculum is created by men, it’s common for women to feel like these leadership styles are inauthentic to them. It’s easy for you to feel like an impostor when you’re trying to behave like someone else.

This is exactly why I created The Personal Power Code! This system is designed to address all five pillars of a powerful and authentic leadership style and it’s based on the experiences and gifts most common in women leaders. In other words – it’s designed to give women leaders everywhere a vocabulary to talk about their approach and why it’s absolutely vital to the success of their company.

How to discover your leadership style

In my experience as a leadership coach for women leaders in the corporate world, there are five pillars of an authentic and powerful leadership brand.

  1.  Executive presence: Identify how you most effectively influence others. Consider the energy you bring into a room and how others respond to that energy.
  2. Drive: What motivates you to do your best work? What conditions must be met in order for your interest to spark? This component influences your motivation, engagement and productivity.
  3. Process style: Learn what your strategy is for processing incoming information. This is important in a busy world that’s always throwing information at you. This needs to be a core consideration when it comes to planning your day if you want to avoid overwhelm and remain collected.
  4. Creativity: What is the most powerful contribution you make to your team? Are you someone who creates strategies, improves processes or creates future based forecasts? Knowing this piece helps you to know when to contribute and when you can say no or delegate a project.
  5. Impact desire: When it comes to leadership, developing people is a necessity. Do you want to mentor others to their success, or create a broader message and system to help others? Knowing your vision for powerful people leadership will help you prioritize this piece of your work, which is so easily brushed aside.

If you want to discover where you fall within each of these pillars, consider taking The Personal Power Code. An entirely online self-paced course, you get immediate access to videos and workbooks designed to help you identify your code AND adjust your behaviors for a more powerful presence.

If you want to take things one step further and have help as you determine your code, apply for a Powerhouse intensive day! You’ll have one on one attention and insight from me to help you determine your Power Code as well as increasing your confidence, success planning and so much more. 


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