Retention of top talent might seem like a problem for HR departments only – until you lose a pivotal member of your team. Losing top talent impacts team morale, systems, and results, and creates frustration at the sudden gap in team knowledge. It can also be difficult when the talented individual you lose was one you were developing in order to move into a leadership position.

Of course, an individual leaving your team or company for another position isn’t always within your control as a leader. However, there are a few things you can do to lessen the likelihood of losing your top talent!

  1. Have conversations with them about where they’re headed and how you can support them. Many employees end up leaving roles because of a lack of development or clarity around their potential future at the company. Regular conversations about their career path will allow them to feel valued, voice their vision and also be engaged in creative thinking around how to improve the team overall.

  2. Don’t ask them to do more than they should. Respect their workload and ask them what a more doable timeline would be if they’re feeling overwhelmed. It’s normal for an employee’s capacity to fluctuate based on what’s happening in other parts of their lives, and piling on duties and projects (even if they’re temporary!) is a quick way to burn them out.

  3. Treat everyone like top talent. Leaders shouldn’t play favorites – and treating someone who is underperforming with the same support you do top talent can cause them to rise to the occasion. Be curious with them rather than assuming ill intent, and offer them development opportunities as well.

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