You’ve been promoted- congratulations! Now that you’re thinking of your first day in your new role you’re likely coming up with a million reasons you’re not ready.

Impostor syndrome seems to be particularly common in women leaders, and we know that success of women at the ‘manager;’ level is crucial because it sets up your entire career promotion plan. That’s a lot of pressure, and it’s the reason I created Confident Leader Collective, my leadership incubator built to help new women leaders develop the confidence and leadership style they need to succeed in their role in the first 6 months.

What is Confident Leader Collective?

CLC is a live group coaching program that spans six months. You’ll be paired with a carefully curated cohort that will help you grow and develop AND hold you accountable to the goals you declare at the beginning of the program. In addition to having access to your cohort via text, you’ll have monthly 90 min deep dive coaching sessions where I teach and do live hotseat coaching to help you deal with the unique career challenges you’re currently facing! During the rest of the month you’ll have a themed workbook full of journaling prompts, templates and resources to work through on your own time as you learn about confidence, communication skills, and leadership presence.

Who is Confident Leader Collective for?

CLC was originally designed for new women leaders – folks stepping into the role of manager for the first time! However, in my experience this program can also be beneficial for any women leaders who are in a season of redefinition and refinement. The combination of take home work with the live training means that you’re sure to get exactly what you need from the structure.

What do new managers need to know?

  1. How to tap into their most confident self quickly and effectively, regardless of circumstances.

  2. How to communicate clearly and with intention.

  3. How to prioritize and manage their own time and energy commitments.

  4. How to define and explain their leadership style.

  5. How to structure their team and themselves for success!

The good news? These are exactly the modules we cover in Confident Leader Collective! You also get my support in the Personal Power Code program, my proprietary system to help you define the components of your strongest leadership style – an opportunity that’s only available through CLC or private high level coaching.

How can I join a support group for new women leaders?

Because this program is so carefully curated, we live launch it only a few times each year. Confident Leader Collective is currently open for enrollment for new women managers, and we begin a new class in September!

Click here to review all the details of each module and the scheduled call times, and join us today!