(OLD) Power Up Call – How it works (Copy)


Powerhouse women coach with me because they want to lead their teams & lives in a more powerful way.

How I roll

 1) Apply for a Power Up Call— Use the form at the bottom of this page to apply for a complimentary Power Up Call.

2) Consultation — If your application makes it clear that you’re a good fit, we’ll connect for a Power Up Call. We’ll get clear on your career goals, your current challenges, what leadership style you desire to develop & I’ll show you what’s possible when you get out of your own way and step into your power instead.

3) Plan it out — I help you lay out a completely customized roadmap for your growth and success over the coming months based on my exclusive Power Code process, proven coaching methodologies, neurolinguistic programming, and my years of experience with other women in leadership. You’ll end this call feeling energized, powerful and prepared.

4) Partner with me — Commit to your success, and I promise to help you get there. Join me for a Powerhouse in person coaching day to kick off your growth!