When an empty schedule is a blank canvas

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Starting something new is hard. 

We’ve been told all of our lives that new endeavors are difficult, that relationships take work, that success is hard earned. And it’s true, if that’s how you approach things. The to do lists will never end, because we live in an expansive world that creates more opportunities for us every day. That’s a beautiful blessing and a curse if you aren’t sure how to rein it in.

Still, being in charge of your own schedule and time is difficult.

Sometimes, although to do lists are there, it can feel like your schedule is too empty of the things you love and enjoy. Like you aren’t growing fast enough. Like you’re behind. You’re spinning your wheels and completing tasks, and yet the schedule doesn’t feel full enough and doubt starts to creep in.  Along with the doubt comes rapid burnout and frustration.

Sometimes, I get so wrapped up in my perceived ’emptiness’ of my schedule that I forget to see the bigger picture: that the expansive, unfilled space is just a blank canvas for me to create on.

That space is not a scary thing. It’s something I’ve created for myself to make messes in, to get dirty, to build relationships and have conversations in. To splash paint in beautiful and ugly colors all over. I can literally do whatever I want. It’s not empty-it’s blank. If I have four hours of unblocked time on my schedule for the day, that’s not failure. That’s success: because space and time to create and think is what I want most right now. 

Empty makes us feel defeated and burnt out, and blank grants us permission to let loose and create. Which will you choose today in your moment of overwhelm?

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5 places to recenter

5 places to recenter

Exploring cacti parks? Amazing and refreshing, for sure. Meditating in the middle of cacti? Not for amateurs.

Exploring cacti parks? Amazing and refreshing, for sure. Meditating in the middle of cacti? Not for amateurs.

A few weeks ago, my boyfriend was heading to work and couldn’t find me in the house. After ten or fifteen minutes, he walked into our closet to grab his jacket and found me reading on the floor, next to dirty laundry and underneath hanging clothes. He looked at me like he was confused if I was a human being, or some creature sent from another planet to confuse him. 

I see that look pretty regularly, but it still made me laugh when I realized how ridiculous I must look.

I needed space to focus on myself for morning meditation, the book I was desperate to finish, and a space where I couldn’t hear our puppy whining through the walls. And it worked! Plus, closets are actually cozy.

Unless you live an amazing life, you probably don’t have a dedicated and hella zen meditation hut in your backyard. If you do, please invite me over. Even finding space in our home home to work, journal or think without being surrounded by a million distractions is difficult at times. If you’re anything like me, it might help to remind yourself that your world is FULL of places that can become whatever you need. Room of Requirement style

  1. In your closet, laundry room or car

    • Obviously, small spaces are my favorite. As long as it’s (relatively) clean, comfortable and well lit, you can find five minutes of peace in the corner while your dryer is on wrinkle release.

  2. In line at the DMV

    • You know you’re going to be there for 3 days anyway. Just pop in some earbuds and listen to your favorite meditation app or your favorite podcast. Try Mortified if you’re looking for something hilarious–laughing IS joy, after all.

  3. On your back porch

    • In my case, it’s a small concrete slab. But at the edge of the slab is grass, dirt, and just enough sunlight to convince me that I’m in a forest (if my eyes are closed).

  4. At a coffee shop

    • Honestly, coffee shops were not always my favorite place to just sit by myself. I love them know because they’re always buzzing (literally and figuratively once you drink several iced coffees in one sitting) with excitement, and I’ve learned to embrace the buzz. Instead of being distracted or stressed out by that buzz, think of it as the sound of humanity. Embrace it, and let the energy in the air energize your body.

  5. While grocery shopping

    • Fun fact: I love grocery shopping. And I love walking while I’m thinking. something about the motion of pacing feels like it unlocks a lot of creative energy in my brain. Next time you need some milk/bread/eggs/Hot Cheetos, bring a notepad or open your voice recorder on your phone. Dump out whatever comes up and let your mind be empty while you stock up on supplies.

Where is your favorite place to recenter, detox, refresh, or laugh? Tell me!

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It’s so easy to be intimidated by the concept of developing a mindful routine. Every day, my newsfeed fills with articles about meditation, conscious breathing, ayurvedic practices & the 3 hour long yoga session that you MUST do. 

It doesn’t have to be that way! When it comes to mindfulness, quality is way more important than quantity. Don’t let the fear that you don’t have enough time keep you from carving out five minutes of peace and sanity for yourself. It’s usually when you feel like you don’t have enough time that you need this refuge the most!

Want to know another secret? You can be your own guru. Although reading about the routines of others can be inspiring, you know best what you need. If you’re continually thinking about or reading about mindfulness without any kind of practice that works for you, you’re allowing yourself to get distracted. 

Snap out of it, sister. 


mindfulness is a part time job blog post.jpg

Start simple. Try breathing and thinking about nothing else. Consider breakfast without your phone in hand. Draw pictures of your dreams when you wake up instead of checking Twitter. Imagine tending to your energetic garden. Recreate your favorite place in the world in your mind-down to the smell. Whatever speaks to you.

There’s no wrong way to be aware or mindful. It’s all a choice: and choosing to clear your mind and listen to your body is a powerful one. 

Still feel like you need some guidance? Keep an eye out for the “Reclaim your AM” downloadable coming your way soon.