It’s so easy to be intimidated by the concept of developing a mindful routine. Every day, my newsfeed fills with articles about meditation, conscious breathing, ayurvedic practices & the 3 hour long yoga session that you MUST do. 

It doesn’t have to be that way! When it comes to mindfulness, quality is way more important than quantity. Don’t let the fear that you don’t have enough time keep you from carving out five minutes of peace and sanity for yourself. It’s usually when you feel like you don’t have enough time that you need this refuge the most!

Want to know another secret? You can be your own guru. Although reading about the routines of others can be inspiring, you know best what you need. If you’re continually thinking about or reading about mindfulness without any kind of practice that works for you, you’re allowing yourself to get distracted. 

Snap out of it, sister. 


mindfulness is a part time job blog post.jpg

Start simple. Try breathing and thinking about nothing else. Consider breakfast without your phone in hand. Draw pictures of your dreams when you wake up instead of checking Twitter. Imagine tending to your energetic garden. Recreate your favorite place in the world in your mind-down to the smell. Whatever speaks to you.

There’s no wrong way to be aware or mindful. It’s all a choice: and choosing to clear your mind and listen to your body is a powerful one. 

Still feel like you need some guidance? Keep an eye out for the “Reclaim your AM” downloadable coming your way soon.