How do you define confidence?


I see this hold back so many women from being confident about themselves and sharing their skills with the world – and I don’t want that for you! You do NOT have to be an expert to be confident, all you need are a few tools. Spoiler alert: you already have everything you need. 

Disclaimer: my videos are super casual and not edited to perfection. I’d rather share this with you than mess with the technical details! 🙂 Enjoy!

Stay tuned in the weeks ahead for more videos, addressing my top three practices you can use to build up your own confidence! 


🤘🏻3 ways to beat the Sunday slump🤘🏻

🤘🏻3 ways to beat the Sunday slump🤘🏻

Prep for this weekend ahead of time, with a plan to beat the Sunday and Monday blues.

Do you ever suffer from the Sunday slump blues? It happens to the best of us. Whether you love your current job/life/situation or not, it’s completely normal to feel a slump every once in awhile. If you’re reading this, you’re committed to changing your life to the best version that’s possible. But it takes some time! 

If you’re feeling the Sunday blues (a prequel to the Monday funk!), here are three ways you can counteract them NOW. Consider this email your emergency slump first-aid kit. 

1) Wake up early. 

You know I’m a huge fan of the morning routine! It’s ironic that the days it’s most difficult for us to stick to our morning routine is usually the days that we need it most. If we start our week off in a rush out the front door, it sets a precedent for the rest of the week. 

Would you rather have a week of being 10 minutes late, forgetting to eat breakfast and dropping your coffee–or a week of arriving ten minutes early, already caffeinated, fed and with a few blog posts spurring your creative thought? Mmmmm yeah. the second option sounds good to me. Getting up early means you’ll also have time before work to do something YOU want to do. It makes it difficult to resent Monday so much. 

2) Grab your headphones.

Download an audiobook or a podcast that you’ve been meaning to listen to, and let it be your soundtrack for the day. Reach out if you need recommendations, I could talk podcasts and books for hours! Music distracts me from my work, but intellectual conversation makes me feel awake and engaged. Find what works for you! 

3) Choose a mantra for your week. 

Ultimately, your experience comes down to your intention. Decide at the beginning of the week what your mantra will be, and write it somewhere visible. Your mantra will provide you with a brief reminder of what you truly desire, and how you want to feel. 

My mantra for the week?

Everything in my life is an outrageous adventure. 

Be well!

P.S. Looking for more community and support? I am launching a brand freakin’ new private Facebook group for women, to provide ongoing conversation around personal development and battling burn out. I’d love to have you join me.



I am a life coach for badass, brilliant & burnt out babes who are ready to ditch the martyr role forever in favor of a thriving and energetic life and career. Through our work together, we will create a mental space of refuge so you can live with intention & dream huge for your future. 

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5 Ways a Life Coach Can Take You From Fear into High Gear

5 Ways a Life Coach Can Take You From Fear into High Gear

Confession: I’m a life coach.


Sure, those words sparkle. They are in blogs and interviews everywhere these days, but there’s still a ton of confusion about what they actually mean.


There are professional life coaches that specialize in every area you can imagine, from business to love. And although I love a green juice and vision board as much as the next person, that’s not the defining characteristic of a life coach. I happen to be a serious feminist with a bit of a nerdy penchant for Game of Thrones, and I’m an incredible coach for women who love honesty and irreverent humor. The one characteristic we all have in common is that we’re here to help you transition from a place of fear, insecurity and overwhelm to a place of clear goals and forward momentum.


Everyone is held back in some way or another by fear. That’s a normal part of the human experience, but one that limits your joy and success. If you’re in the middle of overwhelm right now and considering looking for a life coach, but not sure if it’s right for you, read on. If you’re not ready to hire a coach but still want some recommendations for mindful living, the list below is a great place to start. Below, I’m sharing my 5 favorite ways that an amazing life coach can kick your booty out of fear and into gear.


  1. Your coach hears you. When was the last time that you had a conversation in which you felt really heard? For an hour every week, your coach is there to understand you, your circumstances, and your biggest dreams. No phone scrolling allowed.

  2. You’ll prioritize your own development. It’s really easy to buy self-development books and let them pile up beside your bed. In our hyper connected culture, you always have something to do that takes precedent over working on yourself. When you have a coach waiting on you for your next appointment, you can’t shirk the conversation. You also won’t feel guilty about working on yourself when you have that accountability to someone else!

  3. You’ll get crystal clear. How often in your life have you been asked what you really, truly want with your life? I’ll bet it doesn’t happen as often as you get asked about your responsibilities at work. If you don’t know what you want yet, that’s okay. Through working with your coach you will get crystal clear on what you want for your life now, and what you want for your future. You set the bar, and your coach will hold you to it.

  4. You’ll get to pick their brain. Two brains really are better than one. In addition to being a coach, your life coach has had years of their own experience to draw from.  Don’t hesitate to ask them questions about their experience, to request resources that might be helpful for you, or even to ask for introductions to someone they may know. When you hire a coach, they’re looking to share everything they can to help you achieve your dreams.

  5. Your coach will call you out. This is my favorite thing about working with my own coach. Once you get through the honeymoon phase of creating your goals, it’s time to start working on them. That’s when the fear comes in, and you start to worry that you aren’t doing things correctly, well enough, fast enough. Your coach is an impartial external sounding board, there to remind you that the fear is all in your head.


Looking for more ways a coach can help you define your path and achieve some serious success? Download the full list of 15 (!) ways a life coach can help you create the future you desire, here.


The courage of child’s pose

I was in a yoga class a few weeks ago when the instructor told me how she had been taught by her own instructor that child’s pose, the place of relaxation and rest when the class gets too tough, was the most courageous pose of all. 

I have known since I started my practice years ago that yoga doesn’t reward bravado. Your time on the mat isn’t about being the best in the room, stretching the farthest, staying in an inversion the longest.

Our human tendency toward pettiness or jealousy will still rise to the surface at times, though, making it difficult to eradicate when we need to rest. It’s all too easy to start comparing yourself to others in the room. To feel like you won’t give your body the rest it’s screaming for because you don’t want to appear weak, or to be judged by others in the room. The problem with this line of thinking? Once you allow it to infiltrate your brain, it opens the door to millions of other self conscious thoughts.

By allowing fear and doubt to dictate your decision making in your yoga practice, you’re unleashing it on the rest of your life. 

So have courage. Retreat to child’s pose when your body feels weak and weathered in class. Put your head on the mat and focus on your breath. And take that pose with you outside of the class.

When your heart feels heavy and overflowing, allow it to rest. Give it a break and some space. Same principle applies to your mind. To your friendships and relationships. To your inspiration, your creativity, your journalling practice. Whatever it is that you’re butting up against and wherever you might be encountering resistance, consider rest. With your forehead on the proverbial mat, gulping down air and releasing judgement, you’ll find a new way to return.

You’ll re-enter the flow when it feels right and natural, and those around you will always welcome you back in.