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Many women are their own biggest critics.

If you’re part of this tribe, don’t despair. It’s totally normal, and it’s actually something we’re conditioned to do. If you ever want to dive deeper into how patriarchy teaches women to be unobtrusive and quiet, let me know-I’ve got lots of thoughts on that ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’m here to challenge you to make this one small shift in the year ahead. Instead of showing up as your own biggest critic, show up as your own biggest champion. 

Not sure what that means?

It means choosing to praise yourself, before you tear yourself down. It means celebrating your wins and shrugging off your losses. It means speaking about yourself in the way you talk about your best friend, rather than your frenemy. It means being unapologetic about taking control of your life, discovering your dreams and refusing to accept less than what you desire. 

How do we make this shift? We just decide. Our self critique is often subconscious, so just paying attention to the way we think about and talk about ourselves will empower us to shift it all away in service of being our biggest champ. The truth is that nobody else (regardless of how much they love you or how much you admire them!) can fill this role. This is your job. 

The most approachable step in shifting from self critic to self champion is often goal setting. This allows you to take stock of where you’re at right now, and what you want to do for your best version for you to shine through. I’ve developed a guide to help you do just that in four really simple steps. I’ve even included my favorite formula for precise and clear goals that are tied directly to your deeper why and motivations. Download your free copy here! 

So excited for you, champ.