Image and description of Tapered Magazine from

Image and description of Tapered Magazine from

Happy January!

Have you ever stumbled across a new blog and developed an instant girl boss crush on all of the content and the amazing minds pulling it together? I have! My most recent crush? Tapered Magazine. They are doing something really special in their niche of the world; encouraging a new wave of mindful fashionistas.

“Tapered is committed to inspiring a new trend in fashion. One that reveals a story, and promotes a change. We are here to serve as an advocate for local and ethically centered brands and to encourage an alteration within the fashion industry. We are setting new industry standards by informing and inspiring you to think above and beyond current trends. We desire to build a globally minded community that supports and honors the unique faces, creativity and craftsmanship behind what we wear. Tapered is here to lead you in discovering your original style, to dream with you, and to help you revolutionize your closet.”

It was truly a dream come true when they asked me to write for the magazine this week about setting clear goals for the year ahead – both inside and outside of your wardrobe. Take a look here, and let me know in the comments if you found my tips helpful!

Where do you struggle most when it comes to editing your wardrobe and defining your style? Does this struggle show up in other areas of your life? Now’s the time to get serious about making a change in 2017. If you don’t change yourself and your habits, your circumstances won’t change either! I have a handful of spots in my private coaching program available and the cart closes on January 16th, so schedule your FREE consultation call now to determine if it’s a good fit.