Would you consider yourself someone who plays it safe?

Do you regularly tell yourself that you can’t do something because it’s not for you? That “someday” you’ll be comfortable enough to invest in yourself and your development? That you “shouldn’t” pursue that new adventure because it isn’t the responsible thing to do? That you don’t have the time to work on yourself right now?

Time for some radical honesty: those seemingly rational thoughts are just justifications that free you from having to do something that terrifies you. They release you from all responsibility and are ultimately pretty damn disempowering. 

It’s not your fault – we’ve all been taught (especially women!) from a young age that there is a right and wrong way to do things. That it’s our job to be responsible and to spend our time protecting ourselves against potential future danger or harm. Society tells us exactly how to live our life, if we accept it. The playbook is clear: graduate high school, go to college, get a steady job, save and start a family. Spend more and more money on accumulating things, and less tie thinking about the projects we’re passionate about. Understand our worth in terms of external validation. The list goes on.

Before you know it, life is over and the things that lit you up when you were young have been forgotten. The good news? Just because there’s a playbook doesn’t mean you need to use it. 

So how do you reject the playbook and start living authentically by your own rules? Question everything. Don’t do what others tell you (even me!), unless you feel like it’s right for you. Break out of the mold and watch the world keep spinning. Stop letting fear get in the driver’s seat, and instead ask yourself:

Where do I want to be on January 5th, 2018?

If you’re not on the path that will get you there, take the time to make an adjustment. Check your compass, straighten your map, and make sure you’re putting your action where your dreams are. If you’re looking for a coach to help you discover where you’re headed and how you can get there, I’m on your team. I’m currently filling a handful of spots in my private coaching practice, and I’d love to connect with you. Let’s see how my work can support you as you stop playing it safe, and start playing boldly.

Here’s to a badass 2017,