Over the years, I’ve had a love/hate relationship with tools and resource lists. When I was first starting my business, I was downloading everything that caught my eye, because I was living in a story that I didn’t know enough about being a coach. I didn’t trust my intuition and my natural skill as coach – despite the many months of formalized (and amazing!) formal training I’d received.

Eventually, I realized that regardless of how amazing the information I was accumulating was, I would never feel satisfied.

There was zero time for implementation, testing or debriefing. I had one goal in mind: collection. It’s like I thought that simply having information in my download folder would be enough to make me a “credible” coach.

I was wayyyyy off base.

Now, I know and trust in my skills as coach and I don’t worry about what it is I “don’t know.”

Both in my business and in my life, I understand that my success in any given situation is dependent not on the information I have stored away in my brain but rather in my ability to act on instinct. I trust myself, my motives, and my skills -and I know that if I’m presented with a situation I’m unsure of, I have what I need to figure out a powerful solution.

I see versions of this same story play out in my conversations with women all the time. I’m constantly being asked for tools and resources, books, and podcasts that can help them change their lives. While I understand the desire for more guidance and information, I want to remind you and every other woman out there that you already have what you need – and no amount of resources or tools will transform you into a “better” version of you.

You’re on a journey, and there’s no shame in asking for tools along the way. However, if you start to feel like you have too many resources, like you’re simply following the path of someone else, or like there’s no way you can read everything you’ve accumulated, I encourage you to take a break. 

Remember, there are resources everywhere if you ever feel lost – but those resources are simply things that have worked for others. Your path is unique, and the single greatest resource for you is your own intuition. If you feel overly dependent on tools and resources from others, I encourage you to look within and work on trusting your gut, instead.

You’ve got this.