This weekend, I had my aura photographed for the second time. What came back scared me at first, and eventually made me laugh. My entire aura was red – and I thought I looked like a Disney villain.




The interpretation helped me to understand the subtleties of what was going on. Red represents force of will, and determination. It can also indicate a fiery nature, frustration, and a tendency toward a temper. The orange hues in the red indicated creativity, and the slight magenta tones around my heart were indicative of love and an overflowing heart chakra. 

It all made further sense when I got Natalie’s weekly astrological email. I learned that “the moon is in Aries, allowing us to spark new ideas and gravitate closer towards our biggest passions.” Aha! I’m an Aries, so it makes sense that the systems were aligning to fuel my passion and frustration. I’m headed toward a breakthrough, new growth and deeper understanding. And sometimes that means kludging your way through the shit in the meantime. 

Here’s the kicker: if you had shared all of this information with me a few years ago, I’m not sure that any of it would have resonated.

Although I grew up interested in mysticism and tarot, I went through an intense over-correction period during college (in pursuit of my Gender, Women and Sexualities studies degree) and my first few years in the “real world.” I was so determined to make my way and rebel against feminine stereotypes that I left all sense of spirit, intuition and universal connection behind. 

Now, I recognize the value in balancing both my pragmatic and productive nature with the varied opportunities for knowledge and insight that the world offers us. Each of these modes of understanding, whether they are astrological, tarot or alternative healing methods (to name just a few) is a new perspective on our own experience. Each avenue opens us up in a new way to getting closer to who we are, and what we want.

Think of it this way. It’s Halloween, and you are working your way through a corn maze. If you reach a dead end, do you keep walking straight into the hay bale in your way, hoping it will change into a clear path to your destination? Of course not – it would be wildly uncomfortable and completely unproductive.

Our pursuit of knowledge, clarity and personal understanding works the same way. If staying 100% pragmatic is working for you, then go for it! I am genuinely excited for you and the revelations you’ve had about your life and purpose.

If, on the other hand, the way you’re thinking about yourself and the world isn’t giving you the clarity or direction you deserve, then why not try a different route?

Why not open yourself up to alternative modes of knowing to see what they spark? The worst that can happen is that you don’t have a major breakthrough – and the best that can happen? Your entire worldview shifts and suddenly that elusive creature we call clarity presents itself, just for a moment. 

I’m thrilled to be teaming up with my dear friend Natalie over at Soulshine Astrology for an exclusive online event on Saturday, June 3rd. We’re going to be diving into how to mesh the mystical and the day to day actions you need to take so that your life path and career both feel aligned and inspired.

This will be an incredible opportunity for you to hear from Natalie, a dear friend and one of my favorites to follow in the world of online astrology. Her specialty? Reading the stars and telling you exactly what roles you’re destined to flourish in during this lifetime. 

If you’re ready to find out more about your cosmic career blueprint and the practical first steps you can take to pursue it, this is your chance. Stay tuned in the next few days to snag your spot when our event goes live!