choosing your life's purpose

No pressure, right? Figuring out our purpose can feel like a major chore at times, and not the joyful exploration that’s truly possible. I want to help you change that!

People ask me all the time how they should go about figuring out their dream job. How to pinpoint the elusive creature known as their purpose. This is a tough conversation that never gets easier, because the people who ask me this are nearly always looking for an answer. They might ask half jokingly, but there’s always a small, flickering flame of hope hiding in their eyes. They want me to know the answer for them – like I’ve been out walking in the world with this secret about them and their destiny inside of me for years, just waiting to meet. 

I understand. I used to want someone else to tell me what to be, too. I thought I wanted to do my own thing but once I got out here on my own in the world of entrepreneurship, there was nothing I craved more than structure. When you give up the facade of external control over your life it feels like the floor has suddenly dropped out from underneath you. It’s unsettling, even if you know that the floor was an illusion to begin with. So, I can definitely relate to wanting someone else to tell you what to do with your life. 

Quick side note: I don’t believe that your job or career are necessarily the same thing as your purpose. The goal is alignment between the two, or finding a job that supports you in your effort to live out your purpose. That can be through giving you the opportunities, time, flexibility, money or relationships you need. It can also sometimes be that your career is a direct reflection of your purpose, in which case, you’re lucky! 

The truth is that nobody can tell you what to do or who to be. I hope the disappointment that comes with that statement is short-lived, though, because the truth is so much better. 

Your destiny, your purpose…it’s all a choice. And there are certainly clues to help guide you. 

You are given a life: hours, days, hopefully years on this planet. While you’re here, every resource is available to you. Information comes hurtling at you through space from every direction, every day. It’s as if you are a child in art class, and you get the crayon box with every single color in it, sharpened and ready. Most people waste much of their lives coloring with the first crayon they’re given, because they don’t realize how full the box is. They don’t bother to look, when the first crayon seems to work well enough. 

Your first step toward finding your purpose is to use every crayon. To absorb the information you love and throw out the rest. To try things, to explore, to ask yourself difficult questions and, most importantly, to choose. Choosing a vision or purpose for your life is liberating, not confining. It gives you a grounding, a sense of direction that makes the rest of your choices more simple and more meaningful. 

More good news: because your purpose is a choice, you can change it whenever you want. 

Consider this your call to arms; now’s the time to start seeking inspiration. You have to get inspired and invigorated before you figure out what it is you want to create in your life, what it is that you want to choose. When I don’t know where to start, I start at the beginning – with some of the oldest resources and practices of knowledge, to try to understand myself in ways that humans have used for centuries. The first step is to get inspired and the second step is to figure out how to implement that inspiration so that your life starts to actually change. 

We’re halfway through the year 2017. If you want to start 2018 in a different place than where you are now, it’s time to dig in and start uncovering the crayons in your box. I’m so excited to share one avenue for exploration on this journey with you this weekend (oh, and it’s totally free!).

On Saturday, June 3rd at 1:30 CST I’m co-hosting a special event with Natalie, Career Astrologer at Soulshine Astrology. We’re bringing our expertise together to help you figure out what the stars have to say about your potential purpose, and how you can get started on that path, if you choose it. We’re hosting a free live webinar, how to Discover and Pursue Your Purpose: Cosmic Inspiration and Concrete Implementation for the Millennial Woman.

You’ll learn:

  • What your birth chart says about you
  • Natalie’s formula to figuring our your career destiny based on the stars (spoiler alert: there’s still room for choice!)
  • How to take the inspiration you’re bombarded with everyday and translate it into real life change
  • The shifts you need to make to start living your destiny, now.

Have you registered yet? If not, snag a seat now! Space is limited, and we can’t wait to hang out with you. Bring your own coffee, and meet us there.