The Well Supported Woman is a brand created with intention. Each pillar of this brand identity was chosen because it plays into my 1:1 coaching conversations with clients, and it has the power to create massive change for all of us. I believe that if you start your personal development by focusing on your confidence, clarity and connection, you’ll start to see exponential progress.  Don’t get distracted.  You are deliberately  creating  three components of a happy and fulfilled life.

When I share about connection in TWSW, I’m encouraging you to feel strongly in tune with yourself, with the people around you, and to something bigger than you. The last piece can be a connection to source, to whatever god you choose, to fate, to the Universe – whatever makes sense to you. Connection is about feeling deeply rooted, heard, understood and plugged in – both internally and externally. It’s about maintaining an observant perspective, and constantly seeking to relate our personal development to our daily circumstances. It’s about going deep within in order to reach out in a meaningful way.

Connect to Yourself:

At the end of the day, THIS is the root of all personal development. Coming back home to ourselves, learning who we have always been and who we are in this moment. Take time to understand your motivations, desires and potential, instead of focusing all of your empathy and connecting abilities outward. If you want to live a life that’s in tune with what you want, that feels fulfilling, and in which you feel safe and happy – you must know yourself, first.. Many of us don’t take the time to intentionally cultivate a relationship with ourselves. Make this priority number one.

Connect to Others:

This type of connection serves several purposes. Sometimes, it’s great because it pulls us out of our analytical mental retreat and reminds us that the world is still spinning around us. Additionally, the more we plug into the creative energy and presence of the individuals around us, the more opportunity we have to welcome in new ideas, new connections and new experiences. If we stop pushing people away, and instead allow the people around us to act as beacons on our voyage (their pulsing light calling us to explore a new frontier), our world begins to expand on its own.

Connect  to Your Source of Choice:

Whatever source  means to you is perfect. I think the value in this component of connection is all about the unique combination of humility and relief that comes from releasing our grasp of human control over everyday stressors. I don’t consider myself a deeply religious person, but I find peace in the exploration and contemplation of the ways that humans have connected to the universe. I even wrote a blog post about how starting my own business led me to be more spiritual as I confronted new fears and took new and daring risks! At the end of the day, the stressors of our harried schedules can feel like too much to own. Exploring a connection to another source,, allows you to practice the ongoing art of surrender and quiet.

Which type of connection, if any, truly resonates with you? What can you do to cultivate new levels of connection in each of these areas?




Life Coach Laura Weldy explains the three aspects of connection that are essential to a happy, fulfilled life: connection to self, connection to others, and connection to source.


Life coach Laura Weldy breaks down the types of connection that The Well Supported Woman believes are critical to a happy and fulfilled life, connection to self, connection to others, and connection to the Universe.