How do you manage a desire to keep learning with the balance of trusting yourself?


Are you always looking around for someone to give you the answers? Do you crave structure and get excited at the idea of a weekend alone with a new course or book? I am an eternal  student by nature. I love nothing more than understanding and discussing big ideas, and hearing about how others understand the same concept. I want to always be doing bigger, better things in life and business and I want to live each day as the best version of myself.

I’d love to feel like I have the ability to do ANYTHING I desire in my business – that I don’t need anyone else to get things done. I want and crave the sense of inspiration that comes from opening up the mind to a new skill or learning opportunity.

But, I’ve come to learn over the years that sometimes this desire to learn and research is one of the easiest ways for us to avoid doing the work that needs to be done. Plus, bonus points, we look really responsible and like we have our shit together when we research and consider a topic before taking action.

I want to always be learning. However, I also don’t want my desire to learn and expand to stand in my way of creating. I want to expose myself to new ideas, while holding on to the core values I know and love.  I want to have the humility to listen to others as a student, but not forget that I have power as a teacher. I want to be inspired by the act of learning, and I want myself (and everyone else) to know that they are enough with the information and resources they have now.

Always be learning – but if the learning makes you feel like you know nothing, stop. Amassing hordes of information of your lifetime means nothing if you don’t have the time and mental space to do anything with it.  Chase your curiosity and refuse strangle it with the need for certificates, validation or external respect.