Is your mindset in alignment with your current goals and desires? Or is it possible that your thoughts, behaviors and actions are actually holding you back? Life coach Laura Weldy breaks down how to do a quick mindset reset when you're feeling kind …

What does “mindset” really mean?

Mindset’s a bit of a buzzword these days in the online coaching space – but that’s because it’s vital to your success and your happiness. Seriously. 

Mindset is a combination of your unique perspective as a human being, and the level of permission you’re giving yourself in the pursuit of your goals. Your mindset dictates your limiting or empowering beliefs, dictates your expectations of success, your ability to focus, and the general attitude with which you approach your work and life. So…it’s kind of a big deal. 

And, just like your vehicle requires regular tuneups, your mindset is destined to get a bit out of whack if you’re not giving it some regular TLC. What many of us try to do when we get into a funk is to mindlessly journal or affirm our way out of it. Just googling positive affirmations to try to put yourself in a better state of mind isn’t going to do the trick – your mindset reset needs to address your unique challenges. Please note – a mindset funk is different from anxiety or depression – for those you want to seek out a therapist. But if you just need to make sure that your daily beliefs and actions are in alignment with your current goals, then this exercise might do the trick for you! 

How do you know it’s time for a mindset reset?

It might be a good time to give this exercise a shot if you’re feeling:

  • Stagnant, and unsure of how the hell you’re going to accomplish your goals
  • Unmotivated and generally “blah”
  • When your day to day experience in your biz feels like it’s filled with more doubt than momentum
  • Anytime that you notice old habits and limiting beliefs rising up
    • For me, this means I’m starting to watch too many episodes of The Office and avoiding my inbox. That’s a clear signal to me that my mind isn’t as bought in/focused on the goals as it was when I jotted them down. Time to reset! 

What do I do?

The exercise itself is simple, but it becomes more powerful with repetition – so don’t just do this process once and write it off! I suggest adding regular Mindset Resets to your calendar, so it stays top of mind. Over time, the repetition will help you to stay aware and adjust more intuitively in the moment. But as you’re getting started, follow these steps:

  • Make time and space to reflect. I like to do this on a day when I don’t have a committed appointment to plan around. You want to be really present with this exercise, not constantly checking the clock. I like to plan for about an hour of uninterrupted time. 
  • Do the reflection work in a way that feels natural. Many of us like to journal, but this format isn’t right for everyone – so find one that works for you and allows the flow of answering these questions to be natural. You can do this in person with an accountability partner if you thrive off of collaboration, or you can dictate it as a voice memo into your phone. Don’t let the tools of the exercise keep you from doing the valuable work – and don’t skip over the reflection just to get to the “desired changes.” Naming our fears and hangups takes away their power.
  • Ask yourself the following questions:
    • If I had to pinpoint the discontent I’m feeling right now, what would I name it?
    • What feels difficult right now? What do I choose instead?
    • How can I shift my practices to reflect my new beliefs and choices?

Allow yourself to confront any limiting beliefs that are making your work and your day to day life more difficult – and choose ease and a new perspective instead. I want to see what you come up with, too – so post a photo of your new mindset discoveries on Instagram and be sure to tag me at @lauraweldy!