In a hurry? Here’s what you need to know:

  • Using your morning time to intentionally design your mindset for the day can help you feel more in control of your experience & empowered to take more ownership.

  • Ask yourself questions that break your typical patterns of habit in order to uncover new ways of being.

  • Make your mindset time a daily routine for best results!

Ever wondered what the inside of a life coach's journal looks like? Steal some of my favorite prompts to mindfully start your day & get your mindset right! The Well Supported Woman - Women's Life Coach- Nashville, TN

I think there are some presumptions flying around about life coaches – that we always have our shit together, that we live #blessed lives, that we are never stressed, and that we have no fine lines or wrinkles.

I hate to break it to you – but being a life coach doesn’t mean that my life is picture perfect. Am I 1000% happier than I was in my old jobs? Yes. Do I still have struggles & growth edges? Of course!

What being a life coach does mean is that I have created a level of awareness around my experience that allows me to craft my days and my moods with intention.

Mindset might be a buzzword in 2019, but it’s long been a core consideration in the coaching world. As coaches, we believe that mindset has a huge influence on an individual’s day to day experience, because we’ve seen it first hand with our clients.

The perspective you have going into any situation impacts how you feel about the situation. If you show up to a client meeting stressed AF, you’re going to feel like they’re imposing on your time. If you show up to the same meeting feeling generous and fulfilled, you’re going to feel gratitude at the opportunity to connect with someone in your community. Do you feel the difference?

The kicker is this: if the way you experience the world is dictated by your state of mind, and you are in control of your thoughts – then you can, through careful mindset construction, create your own experience.

When I dove headfirst into personal development one of the very first breakthroughs I had was realizing that I wasn’t owning my own experience – but just spending my days responding to outside stimuli. I changed my perspective, decided that I was in charge, and created some tools to keep myself grounded in that reminder of the power of my say in the process.

I feel like no other coaches are acknowledging this, so I’ll spell it out: it’s important to acknowledge that mindset work isn’t about ignoring societal injustices, barriers & the impact of privilege and prejudices upon our life.

Instead, personal mindset work is an opportunity for any individual to take charge of their daily experience. It’s a process of empowerment in the face of these challenges, and allows us each to get our needs met internally so we can operate from our fullest power within the societal setting.

Intentional mindset work doesn’t prevent real-life challenges. What it does do is clear out the cobwebs of lingering doubts, fears, and the agenda of everyone around us so we can focus on what we need, want & can create.

Intention invites possibility.

I want everyone to have the ability to do this work – so I’m sharing a little sneak peek into my own journal today – so you can see the exact prompts and routine that I use to start my days out mindfully. Use these strategies and you can design your lifestyle with intention each morning, too!

Swipe these journalling prompts!

  1. On days that I want to feel peace & relaxation, I focus my morning time on prompts that keep me grounded & help me reflect on my accomplishments.

    • Pick one: What do I know to be true? Where can I appreciate myself more? What’s my current discontent trying to tell me? What am I ready to release responsibility for?

  2. On days that I want to feel focused & productive, I focus my morning time on identifying with absolute clarity where my energy will be most effective.

    • Pick one: Where can I make the biggest impact today? What am I trying to avoid via distraction? How would my higher self tackle the day?

  3. On days that I want to feel creative & inspired, I focus my morning mindset time on tapping into my intuition and developing self trust.

    • Pick one: What do I feel like I’m lacking – and how can I create it? If I knew what to say, what would it be? What would my future self want my current self to know? What message am I avoiding sharing?

  4. On days that I want to feel recharged & connected, I focus my morning mindset on asking the questions that connect me to the larger spiritual and human world.

    • What ripples do I want to create in the world? What am I missing? Where am I being called to show up for others?

I recommend setting aside 20 minutes to journal on a prompt, see what comes up, and wrap your mindset time by deciding and stating aloud exactly how you want to feel that day. If you want to take a journalling break, I also love a brief unguided meditation in the morning where I think about my intentions for the day, or I’ll try pulling oracle cards for inspiration! Try it for 30 days, and see how your experience changes!