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I know that a reminder isn’t required; the times we’re currently experiencing are difficult. We feel uncertain. We feel anxious. And, it’s easy to feel as though our only response to these unsettling emotions is to react to what’s happening around us. We get stuck on a loop of refreshing social feeds and checking for updates, and often times, we forget to live. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by what’s going on outside your door, know that you’re not alone. Instead of succumbing to the fear, I wanted to compile a few tools that I use daily as coach — and as a person living in these trying times alongside you — to shift my attitude and my experience when it feels like much of it is out of my control:

Focus on clarity, first
In each and every coaching session, I walk my clients through the same process to help them figure out exactly what they want. We’re looking at what they want from their life overall, but also what they want to walk away with from each conversation. I use this in my daily life in a similar way. Any time I feel frustrated or anxious, I realize that it’s an indication that I need to figure out what need of mine isn’t being met. When I ask myself, “What DO I want? What would that look like? Why do I want XYZ? What else in my life could change if this did?”, I move from feeling like a victim of my circumstance to embodying my role as creator of my day-to day-life. I have my marching orders — so to speak — and I can get started! 

Use reflection and realignment to stay true to what you feel
So often, we react in a knee-jerk manner. We label our feelings and desires with the first word that comes to mind, not always considering its truth or value. As coach, I’m always showing my clients their words, “You said this. Do you mean this? Is there a different way to describe that?” The process of having your words mirrored back to you can be a powerful tool that helps you read between the lines on your own emotions and feelings. Ask a loved one to reflect your words back to you over video chat and ensure that the way you’re talking, goal setting, and thinking are all in alignment and reflective of the things you’re trying to create. 

Put yourself at choice
In the midst of economic uncertainty, chaotic leadership, and a global pandemic, it’s easy to feel like you have no control over your current situation. That said, it can be helpful to make choices, even if they’re small ones. Ground yourself in the knowledge that there are still many choices to be made and many options that you have choice about! So, what are you always in control about? Your mindset, your beliefs, and your actions. Act accordingly.

Give yourself more space than you think you need
A coaching session is often 60 minutes long, which if you’re an overachiever and fast-moving person like I am, can feel like a lifetime. It’s tempting to create a solution and want to hop off the phone in order to move on with your life (just like it’s tempting during difficult days to stay busy and push onward as if nothing has changed.) The secret is in giving yourself more space than you think you need. When we think we’ve found an answer but then proceed to wait even longer, we get to ask ourselves, “What else is coming up? What else is unresolved in this space? What do you need to see, hear, or believe?” That’s where the deep, intuitive messages come from. Carve out extra time to breathe, think and move over the next few weeks, even if it means shortening your to-do list.

So if like me, you’re experiencing the weight of our world in a way that feels toxic or overwhelming or too much, I encourage you to make space in your daily practice for these few quick tools. They may feel like small steps at first, but it’s through active movement forward (however slowly paced) that we begin to rebuild into a brighter, more sound future — for the world, and for ourselves. And, through the midst of all of this movement (and madness) don’t forget: uncertainty isn’t forever. We will get through this.

If you need to talk or are looking for more tools / resources during this time, don’t ever hesitate to reach out.

My name is Laura Weldy, and I’m a women’s leadership coach. I help women in the workplace become confident leaders by tackling their mindset head on so they can think like a leader before they have the job title. I do this through professional coaching, virtual coaching, small group masterminds and powerful courses. If you’re looking to become more successful and fulfilled at work, let’s talk! I’d love to help you build an action plan for success. Click here to apply for a free coaching consultation with me directly!

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