Photo by: Sarah Bah Bah

Photo by: Sarah Bah Bah

So…I have a confession to make. Today’s lil’ note is much more about changing your life (and a little on why I think we may be addicted to manifestation gurus) than it is about pizza, but who doesn’t want a big ol’ bite out of a more fulfilling, more purpose-driven life, am I right?

Okay, okay. So, I will indeed get to my recipe for a damn good pizza order, but you should know it’s also a nerdy metaphor for asking for what you want and the tangible way to get it (because the concept doesn’t just apply to the ideal slice, if you see what I mean). 

Have you noticed that in today’s society, especially in the ever-growing self-help space, so many of us are guilty of blindly following manifestation gurus? Think about it! We’re so caught up in learning how we, too, can manifest our dream car and put money in the bank, that we’re not opening up these opportunities for deeper conversations. The truth is: 

Calling in more of the stuff you want out of life is about so much more than buying everything on your Amazon wishlist. 

If we peel away the shiny layers we’re so often presented, the concept of manifestation seems particularly appealing because it provides a sense of control. And, who doesn’t want to operate from a place of agency and autonomy? But, manifestation smooth-talks us into believing that if we learn the right steps and rituals, everything we want will be ours. 

A piece is missing though (and I don’t just mean from my metaphorical pizza!) That piece is responsibility. You’ve laid out what you want — amazing! That’s a huge step. But, have you declared that it’s yours and then made a plan for how to receive it? That’s where the pizza part comes in.

If you felt that deep, hangry rumbling in your gut and had a strong craving for Domino’s, what would you do? Journal about said pizza and wait for it to arrive? Of course not! You’d decide exactly what you wanted, call up your local Domino’s (or use the app because everything’s got an app these days), place that order, and give the specific instructions on when you’d like the ‘za delivered, how the delivery man or woman can find you, and so on. I like to call this process owning the result, and the same goes for demanding more of what you want out of life. 

Confession #2: you don’t need an elaborate ritual. You only need to take radical responsibility. How? Here’s that “pizza” (*cough* life) order I promised you earlier: 

1. Place your order: Don’t leave it up to chance. Let’s face it: you don’t just want pizza. You want a Hawaiian pie with thin, perfectly delicate crust, heavy on the pineapple. Try to keep your order positive! You wouldn’t tell Domino’s, “Anything, but anchovies!” would you?

2. Map the route: You may not know how everything will affect delivery, but you’ve got more information in your arsenal than you may think. Ask yourself: What steps will it take to get that proverbial pizza in your hands? Any pitfalls to watch out for?

3. Refresh your delivery map: Also known as, stay tuned in. Don’t set it and forget it! Track your progress, take a new route if you hit a dead end, and keep going.

You’re not disappointed I didn’t tell you the unspoken pizza equivalent to Starbucks’ pink drink before it was an actual menu item, are you? 

All jokes aside, I want you to have the autonomy to receive the most out of your life possible, and so much of that is about stepping into your personal power; taking radical responsibility is just one touchpoint of all the ways you’re able to do that.

If you want to know more about asking for what you want out of life and stepping into your personal power (or if you just want to swap killer pizza combinations), let’s chat!