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If you clicked into today’s post and are quizzically thinking to yourself, “But how does she know?!”, it’s because you’re not alone. Trust me, I’m well-versed in the concept and not solely because I coach women in leadership. Believe it or not, hating your job — or despising or strongly disliking or even loathing it — is not an altogether unique situation. In fact, it’s a sentiment I hear echoed from client to client more times than not.

I’ve sat across the table with everyone from founders of well-to-do businesses to independent artists with only their dream on their back — ambitious, talented, crazy smart ladies — who often feel unseen, overlooked, and undervalued in the workplace (even when that workplace is the comfort of their own home). And, can you guess the destination we so often find ourselves arriving when getting to the root of these feelings? Destination: I hate my job.

Do me a favor and humor me for a second. Do any of the following sound like an Amazon-review-section synopsis of your current situation?:

  • The job chose you: Also known as — you fell into your role. Maybe by accident, perhaps because you were the most qualified candidate for the position you didn’t even apply for, but either way, you’re not necessarily invested or in it for the long-haul.

  • This is the way you thought work was supposed to be: This one’s big! If being miserable at your place of work was the model you were shown (through parents, through previous jobs, the list goes on and on) it can be incredibly tough to reprogram yourself into believing there’s another alternative.

  • You’re seeking comfort, community, belonging, or understanding through pity: Ouch! This one may seem harsh, and I’ll admit that it has a bit of bite, but you’d be surprised how often this shows up for my clients. At the end of the day, this scenario is rooted in not taking responsibility for getting your own needs met, and it’s an incredibly common situation.

  • You’re not operating from a place of strength: When you don’t know or understand your strengths, it can be insanely difficult, if not damn near impossible to harness them.

  • You’re committed to the uphill battle: You’re in the thick of it , and it seems too late to turn back now.

While these scenarios seem altogether different on paper (or when read through a computer screen), there’s one common thread that unites each and every one. When you accept one or all of the situations from the list above as your reality: you’re not operating from a place of personal power.

You’re allowing others — people, places, things, ideas, emotions — to dictate the outcome of your environment. And, from personal experience and programming, I know how defeating this can feel. The good news? You don’t have to operate from that place. There is space to change the narrative into something that feels more aligned with your vision, goals, and dreams. But, you have to be willing to step up and write it.

Which of these scenarios did you feel deep in your bones? What would make you feel more empowered right here, right now? How can you cultivate more of the feelings you desire in the present moment?

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