When I talk about owning your personal power, I’m not referencing iron-clad strength or some intangible test of the body or mind. When I speak on this subject with my clients, I’m approaching it from a standpoint of wholeheartedly aligning with who you are and what you value, and trusting with absolute certainty that you’re ready for what you want.

That’s a big reason why I don’t call my work “life coaching”, and instead choose to use “leadership coaching” because when you are in your power, you’re doing more than living a life. You’re leading others through example toward a more empowered experience. Whether you have traditional leadership goals in the workplace, or your desires are more centered on showing up powerfully during non-office hours and relationships, shifting from passive participant in life to leader in her power is a transition that, in effect, changes everything. 

Sounds pretty incredible, right? That’s because it is! But, what does owning your personal power actually look like? In today’s quick video, I’ve outlined a few exercises and tools you can utilize — any time, anywhere — to tap into that feeling of personal power. This way, you can get a feel for what living unencumbered by limiting beliefs and habits can feel like.

3 ways you can own your personal power TODAY:

  1. Take “I don’t know” off of the table: Challenge yourself to go an entire day, or even week, without using the words, “I don’t know.” Why? Our words matter and others take the things we say at face value — even if it’s on a subconscious level. No human being on the planet can know everything and have it on-hand mentally at all times. That’s impossible! The quickest way to give away your power in a conversation, though, and to shrink back is to tell someone that you don’t know. If you don’t know an answer, that’s okay! You can still reply with a modified response like “Let me look into that,” or “That’s a great question. I’ll get you an answer!” Both are more activated ways of letting someone know you don’t have the requested information, without making it seem like not having it means that you’re unprepared or failing in some capacity — because you aren’t!

  2. Give yourself the gift of time: So often, the clients I work with feel frenzied, as if there’s always more to be done, more to chase, and never enough time to relax. If they slow down, they fear they’ll fall off the hamster wheel entirely and everything will go to shit. I know you’ve likely heard it a thousand times before, but that simply isn’t true. This frenzied, do-it-all, work 24-7 mentality is a result of conditioning by the capitalist economy. It’s not all bad! I mean, I love being productive AF, but when unrealistic workload expectations and unnecessary pressure begin to rob you of your peace, that’s when you need to give yourself more of what I call “digestion time.” You simply cannot focus on one task when you have the next five swirling in your head and distracting you. Practice carving out a minimum of one hour each day for a week to sit and think. Use this time to “digest” any information you may have taken on in the past week. If you need some suggestions for what to do during this time: Think about your therapy session. Review notes from your coach. Look at your personal and professional goals. If you’re a business owner, review your projections and progress. Make a million lists if you want! The only rule here is that you can’t look at your computer, because you’ll automatically click into work brain. I promise that giving yourself more time when you feel stretched to the max will make you a million times more efficient in the hours you have remaining.

  3. Finally, decide what story you want to tell: Humans are incredible. We are compassionate, adaptable, and creative, and that’s only scratching the surface on all that we are able to do, achieve, and become. The truth is that we’re also often self-centered and lazy, but that can work to your advantage! What I mean by that is that while we keep ourselves awake at night trying to analyze what others are thinking about us, odds are that they’re doing the exact same thing. We are so focused on our own lives and challenges that we have very little time or energy to give toward overanalyzing others. In the real world, this looks a lot like accepting others at face value. We will see you as you tell us to see you. If you tell me everyday how shy and introverted you are, I will always think of you in that way. But, if you tell me you’re an innovative visionary, my perspective of you begins to morph into that. Often, women that I speak to who are feeling disempowered or in a rut haven’t decided the story they want others to believe about them. So, get clear. How do you want others to feel when you enter a room? What words do you want associated with you? Where can you demonstrate more of these values tomorrow? What don’t you want associated with you (hint: don’t use these words!)?

I’m so excited to see how you begin to put all of these tools into practice. And, I’d love to hear how this went for you! If you feel inclined, drop me a line, and we can discuss even more ways for you to step into and own your personal power today.

Are you looking for even more personal power tools and resources? The Power Up Process Audio Course was built for that very reason. It’s a tool that my clients have returned to time and time again when they’re feeling less than amazing and are looking for active, instant ways to feel in their power once again. It’s really incredible, and I hope you’ll utilize it if ever you’re feeling discouraged.

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