Becoming a powerful leader isn’t about memorizing antiquated leaderships styles, knowing all the answers or having the tough conversations memorized. Its about combining courage, your unique energetic signature and excellent communication skills to help guide your team in the most productive direction.

If you’re thinking to yourself, “WTF is an energetic signature?” you’re not alone. But it’s not as complicated as you think! An energetic signature simply refers to how you show up in any room you enter, when you’re in your element. I know it might come as a shock, but there’s no ONE way to show up, energetically speaking. All types can lead! But, tapping into your own unique style can help provide context for how you lead best.

There are three major energetic signatures that I see among powerful leaders. Here’s a breakdown of each one:


Just as the name suggests, if you have a magnetic energetic signature, you pull people in to your energy. They find you appealing, friendly and overall someone they want to be in the company of. This is powerful! You can use your magnetism to build a strong, cohesive team and foster closeness through friendship.


When your energetic signature is that of the catalyst, you activate others from a distance. Different that magnetic, but unique and impactful in its own right, when you speak and act in alignment with your values, your sheer power is motivating to everyone around you. Others are inspired to get engaged because of the WAY you show up. 


With aspirational, you’re admired and become the success model for others. They like the results you’ve created for yourself, so they’re both encouraged and inspired to follow your behavior and recommendations, in hopes they will create similar success for themselves. 

Now, each of these styles allows for a different type of influence, and when we learn to identify our leadership style and utilize it consciously, it’s easy to rally our team on the same page with our new ideas and initiatives. 

Craving to know even more about how you show up energetically? Need help determining your style and figuring out how to implement it for more ease and flow in your life and career? Or perhaps, you’re ready to let it all feel easy, instead of like an uphill battle?

Click here to apply for a free clarity conversation with me. Together, we’ll decipher which leadership style most connects to you, and how you capitalize on this newfound knowledge to show up more powerfully in all aspects of your life—work, home, and beyond.

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