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When we see another woman succeeding in their career, it’s normal to wonder, “What does she have that I don’t?” 

But instead of leaning into that jealous, I want to encourage you to accept the neurolinguistic programming perspective known as modelling. In modelling, we use the success trajectory, beliefs and attitudes of another person to guide us on our own path. We see her wins as our potential future wins – and instead of being jealous, we get inspired to craft out own path! 

Repeat after me: her wins show me that my wins are possible!

Every person is capable of becoming a leader in the workplace. I’ve been working with executive women and mid-career professional women for years now on how to step into their power. And I’ve learned 5 secrets they tend to use to create their version of success – so swipe them below for your modelling purposes!

5 secrets of CEO women

  1. They have a strong sense of self. These women aren’t second guessing or allowing others to influence them. They know their value sets (personal and professional!) and are self-aware of where they do their best work. They practice staying in their zone of genius.

  2. They’re willing to take responsibility. Responsibility is a major fear for many women in the workplace, because it suggestions a negative punishment for owning your results. Responsibility is one of the greatest strengths you can develop as a leader – without it, nothing is undertaken. The difference in how C-suite women see responsibility is that they’re deciding to own and steer the initiative – and to course correct the best they can. They know that they can’t control all the results – only the efforts they take to get there. (Spoiler: if you feel like you’re being ‘punished’ for results that aren’t living up to potential, you may be in a toxic work environment!)

  3. They have a vision for the leadership legacy they want to leave. This doesn’t have to be a worldwide impact or winning a Nobel prize. These women are clear, however, on how they want to make other people feel, how they want to be seen, and the opportunities they want to create for others. They have this vision before they reach the C-Suite–maybe even before they have a leadership role at all! They understand that this legacy has to be decided upon first and then implemented.

  4. They’re strong self-managers. Meaning they’re in integrity with how they operate and what they demand of their team. They don’t ask for excellence and then scroll their day away on Instagram – they’re disciplined and know what they need to do to set themselves up for success on a daily basis.

  5. They’re consistent and clear communicators. They understand that communication, even if it’s uncomfortable, will help them eliminate most obstacles they encounter. They also understand that they can’t hold people to expectations, boundaries and goals that they haven’t communicated, so they make it a point of repeating core ideas.

Whether you have C-suite dreams or aspire to a different career success goal, these secrets can help you uplevel overnight. Start to think like a leader, and you’ll be seen as a leader! It’s as simple as that.

My name is Laura Weldy, and I’m a women’s leadership coach. I help women in the workplace become confident leaders by tackling their mindset head on so they can think like a leader before they have the job title. I do this through professional coaching, virtual coaching, small group masterminds and powerful courses. If you’re looking to become more successful and fulfilled at work, let’s talk! I’d love to help you build an action plan for success. Click here to apply for a free coaching consultation with me directly!

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