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Women often ask me: how do I know when I’m ready to make the management leap?

The answer is simple: decide you’re ready.

I know it seems like an oversimplification – but it’s truly what it comes down to. There is no major difference in terms of certification, age or prestige between managers and non managers. The biggest differences (should ideally!) lie in the results you can create and how aware you are of the needs of your team and how to fill them.

Many women wait too long to even attempt this leap. We think we have to achieve something else, prove our loyalty with years of seniority, or be able to claim every bit of role specific knowledge in order to be a good fit.

Instead, you have to deem yourself high potential & become your own career advocate. 

How to create your dream job:

  • Create a “work wins” file where you record anything significant you accomplished or facilitated each week at work. These are so powerful to be able to refer to when you’re in performance reviews or promotion conversations.

  • Start to think of yourself as a leader, and model the type of leadership you want to see in the workplace.

  • Seek feedback regularly. Always be looking to see where you can improve and innovate.

  • Apply regularly for new roles. Do not stay in a job for 8+ years waiting to be noticed – when you know in your gut that the team would do better with you at the helm, take action to make it so.

  • Ask yourself: “What do I think I need to feel ready?” This will bring up a whole slew of limiting beliefs – ideas that are ingrained in your mind to keep you from being too ambitious. The easiest way to deconstruct them is to ask – what proof do I have to the contrary? Next, shift to asking “In what ways am I ready now?” to boost your belief in your own skills.

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