Still working from home? Many of us are getting sick of staring at our screens at our kitchen table and trying to stay focused. It’s hard to be productive when you’re working from home without getting burnt out! I’ve worked from home for five years since leaving corporate America to create success coaching and leadership coaching resources for women leaders—and here are my fav ways to prevent burnout that you WON’T find listed on Buzzfeed.

  1. Keep a freestanding water filter in the room to stay hydrated.

  2. Use a facial mist to perk up when you’re feeling sleepy. Bonus points: screens can dehydrate and age your skin, and this keeps your face moisturized.

  3. Use the Pomodoro method to break your work flow into manageable chunks of focusing and breaking.

  4. Keep a notebook next to you to capture any thought that distracts you from your work.

  5. Create a success manual for yourself—imagine explaining to someone else what you need to do your best work. When do you go to sleep, wake up, what kind of attitude do you have, what working conditions help you thrive?

  6. Process your work stressors through journaling. Research shows if you take this one step further and journal on how your work is connected to your personal values, even if it’s distant—this can help to rebuild your energetic stores and actually prevent future burnout.

  7. Move throughout the day. Take your lunch in a different room than where you’re working and switch up your location anytime you hit a lull. It keeps your brain awake and alert.

  8. Use the power of scent—using the same essential oils when it’s work time each day in a diffuser can help jog your brain into workmode. Switch scents when work is done!

  9. Conquer the boredom. Consider working with a leadership coach or career coach to address what’s burning you out—do you need better boundaries? Or are you burnt out because you’re bored with your role? Coaching can be transformational for your work experience, and it’s so worth investing when over 50 hours a week are spent in that environment. 

  10. Work less. When we get burnt out, we tend to buckle down and think we need to work harder—because our guilt is eating away at us for not giving it our all. The opposite is true. Take some time off to do nothing but rest and seek out activity that gets your brain moving—reading a good book or writing can do some wonders for unlocking your brain!

My name is Laura Weldy, and I’m a women’s leadership coach. I help women in the workplace say goodbye to burnout and get their spark back through professional coaching, virtual coaching, small group masterminds and powerful courses. If you’re looking to become more successful and fulfilled at work, let’s talk! I’d love to help you build an action plan for success. Click here to apply for a free coaching consultation with me directly!