The way you start your morning can make or break the rest of your day. Have you ever noticed that when you wake up and go for a walk or make yourself a nice breakfast, you feel more prepared for your day than when you stay in bed scrolling on your phone for half an hour? If you want to have a productive mindset every morning, it’s important to be intentional and disciplined about your morning routine. If you are new to morning routines, a good place to start is the RISE method.

R: Review. Spend 10-15 minutes reading through your power pages – a collection of 2-3 pages where you’ve written your priorities. List your personal power code, your top 3 goals for the year and for this quarter, and a vision of what you’re working toward. Sections to include on your power pages:

  • Yearly goals

  • Quarter’s goals

  • Why you’re pursuing these goals

  • How you being in your power is of service to the world

  • Your personal power code results & 1-3 actions you can take to turn your power up when needed

  • Opportunities for growth

I: Imagine. Grab a notebook and answer the question – what if everything went right today? What great things could happen? This will help your mind turn from the anxiety or fear it often wakes up with into a tone of purpose and optimism.

S: Step. Take a moment to actively choose to step into your most empowered version of yourself. Now that you remember who she is, and how she leads – decide to embody that version of you today. You can take a physical step forward into your imaginary leadership shoes and use that persona to provide you with structure and resources to show up effectively all day.

E: Energy. Take 10 minutes to practice one of these energy management techniques: meditation, tapping, or listening to solfeggio sounds to balance your personal energy. All of these techniques will help you start the day grounded, rather than frazzled.

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