What does it look like to spend an entire day working on your leadership development with a trained coach? So glad you asked! I wanted to take a moment to break down what happens during a Powerhouse coaching day, why I do things in this truly innovative way—and what you can expect when you wrap up your day.

What is Powerhouse?

Powerhouse is the name of our truly innovative in- person coaching day, designed to get you 6 months worth of coaching results in just 4 hours. It was designed with the high potential career woman in mind, so that you can go from prospective leader to embodying a prepared leadership approach over the course of a day. 

Just as career gurus often advise to dress for the role you want, Powerhouse is about helping you think for the role you want and position yourself as the leader before your title might reflect it. Already a leader? No worries—Powerhouse will help you boost your intentionality as a leader, your effectiveness, and help you take back your time and energy with more efficient practices.

What does the day actually consist of?

We start with a general structure designed to help you DEFINE your leadership style, ALIGN your actions, beliefs and habits with that leadership identity, and then COMMUNICATE your personal brand through words and results. 

Define: During our first session of the day, I’ll help you build out your leadership profile. Using my proprietary Personal Power Code system, I’ll help you identify the unique gifts and challenges that you bring to the table as a leader. We’ll get super clear on what your career and leadership goals are, how you want to impact your team, and the vision you have for your role and your company’s potential future impact. This part of the day is truly about pressing pause on extinguishing all of the urgent workplace fires so you can think deeper about who you are, who you want to be, and the skills you may be underutilizing currently.

Align: The second part of our coaching day is about identifying inconsistencies between how you want to show up and how you actually are showing up at work. Here’s where we start to pinpoint what’s causing you the most frustration at work, why your voice may not be heard, and what’s taxing you energetically. We’re often blissfully unaware of the inconsistencies we’re creating, and then frustrated when we aren’t able to identify why we’re unhappy or under-appreciated at work.

Communicate: Now that you know your plan, your goals and your highest level version of leadership—it’s time to share that story. I use all of the things I’ve learned as a coach and professional public speaker to help you develop an intentional communication plan where you approach all of your tough conversations, casual check-ins and upward communication with the same tone and voice of authenticity. Here  we’re reclaiming your voice and making sure that your insights are heard and credited to you.

Throughout the day, we are recording any big insights or realizations and using time tested Neurolinguistic Programming techniques and exercises to integrate those breakthroughs for the long term. Instead of talking about your leadership approach once and then moving on, Powerhouse’s exercises and conscious coaching tools will ensure that you leave changed for the better—and for the long term. 

After your Powerhouse day wraps up, you continue to be supported via a WhatsApp connection with me to give you added accountability on your action steps. You’ll check in again with me about a month after your Powerhouse day to discuss what next steps look like for you and how I can continue to support you via long term coaching or quarterly strategy sessions as you grow and change in your career. 

Why don’t you offer 6 or 12 month coaching packages like other coaches?

Good question! I do—but with a few caveats.

I require all new clients to start with a Powerhouse day (either in person or virtually), because it will:

  • Create immediate results in how they show up at work

  • Help them dispel the belief that positive change takes months or years of hard work

  • Help them create an intentional foundation to how they approach leadership in their career

  • Give them the confidence and clarity they need to start thinking about their long term goals

  • Prevent the busy-ness of life and work from distracting you from your goals

Simply put, I host Powerhouse coaching days because after five+ years of working with highly ambitious and smart women—this is the most effective way to create massive change, confidence, and clarity quickly. It’s a ‘greatest hits’ of the most transformative exercises and conversations that have helped my clients step into their personal power and reclaim their career success.

Most coaches don’t offer an in-person deep dive coaching experience like this because they’re not sure they can create the results you need so quickly. I can—and I do. And by concentrating this work into a day, you’re able to set aside all of the other distractions of a busy life and focus on you, fully.

I do offer longer term coaching opportunities as well as quarterly strategy sessions for clients who have completed Powerhouse and want to continue to uplevel their performance at work. Powerhouse has become a super successful prerequisite, and often clients find that they don’t need the ongoing weekly support they thought they did. But if you’re someone who thrives with accountability, you’ll have the opportunity to co-create what that looks like with me AFTER you’ve seen immediate lasting results from Powerhouse.

What If I’m not good at thinking on the spot?

Figuring out your life, career and confidence in one day? That sounds like a lot of pressure! What if I can’t think on the spot and take full advantage of a Powerhouse day?

I’ve got your back. We have an easy but powerful preparation process that will help you make the most of your day, starting from the moment you enroll. We ask you to do some exercises, journaling and declaring of what you want and will refer back to your answers during your Powerhouse day so that you walk away with exactly what you need. 

Want to see how I’d organize your custom Powerhouse days based on your immediate and long term career goals? Click here to apply for a free call and let’s discuss!

My name is Laura Weldy, and I’m a women’s leadership coach. I help women in the workplace become confident leaders by tackling their mindset head on so they can think like a leader before they have the job title. I do this through professional coaching, virtual coaching, small group masterminds and powerful courses. If you’re looking to become more successful and fulfilled at work, let’s talk! I’d love to help you build an action plan for success. Click here to apply for a free coaching consultation with me directly!