I’ve been shouting from the social media rooftops for years now that women are just as capable as men of being powerful leaders in the workplace. But there’s some research that shows that women may actually be more equipped for modern leadership expectations than men are. 

Modern leadership in the workplace is all about communication, empathy and modelling excellence. It’s a constructive, interactive process that prioritizes employee engagement in order to facilitate results, rather than focusing on results at the expense of employees.

A few facts you may not know:

  • Women are actually rated as more proficient than men in major leadership skills by both men and women – but are promoted far less.

  • Women are socialized from a young age to create harmony in groups and to promote inclusion with their language and behaviors. These skills are invaluable when leading large teams and departments.

  • Women are incredibly social and communicative (this is a generalization, of course – but throughout their lives,  women are rewarded for these behaviors more than men) which I would argue actually makes most women more intentional about their communication approach and skills, as a leader must be.

So if you’re a rising woman leader in the corporate space, I want to encourage you this week to stop focusing on improving your perceived inadequacies as you try to fit in with the men in your company. Instead, focus on playing up your strengths and using those to lead with full confidence that you’re at the forefront of new leadership.

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