We’ve been hearing a lot lately about the challenges women face in the workforce in 2022. I even wrote a blog detailing some of this for you – click here to read!

Do companies need to address these challenges and give their women employees the resources they need to succeed? Absolutely! Does your company culture need to shift in response to the pandemic’s influence on the working world? Without a doubt.

But I’ve observed an interesting trend with my clients lately and I think it’s worth addressing. Despite the challenges of balancing work and life, despite imperfect company culture, despite leaders who don’t always rise to the occasion – many women leaders actually LOVE their career.

What sets ambitious women apart in the workplace?

I call this subset of women the achievers. Achievers set big career goals for themselves and actually thrive in fast paced roles. They find a lot of satisfaction in meeting milestones, and their career is their primary place to find that satisfaction! They enjoy the mental challenge, they thrive working in a group, and while they love their job…they might not be saying so out loud.


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Many women don’t want to be labelled “too ambitious” at work

Why?! Shame and judgement. In other words – they are afraid they’ll encounter the more interpersonal impact of the ‘ambition penalty’ women face in the professional world that sociologists and researchers have studied for years.

You’d think that by 2022 this would be a phenomenon of the past. But more and more, high achieving women who are true leaders in the workplace are being judged for how much they enjoy their job. With the popularity of selfcare trends, overwhelming levels of burnout and a cultural separation of work and personal life – it’s become ‘unpopular’ to be a woman who loves her work.

But high-achievers, take heart: you’re allowed to love your work. There are a million reasons that your career can serve as a very fulfilling part of your life!

  • You’re not a bad mom if you enjoy the mental stimulation of your job and the break it gives you from parenting.

  • You’re not a bad feminist if you enjoy working overtime because you find your output satisfying.

  • There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a job that requires lots of travel and enjoying your solo time in a new city.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to give yourself the things you need to be the best version of you. If that includes enjoying your career, I support you! I think there are always ways that we can be healthier in our relationship to work but I love having clients who love their jobs. Celebrate your ambition!

Ambitious women leaders are highly valuable

Your ambition is also your superpower at work, so don’t be ashamed of admitting you have big goals and aspirations. According to Harvard Business Review, there was a study in 2014 that showed:

Women with two years or less of work experience slightly led men in ambition. But for women who had more than two years on the job, aspiration and confidence plummeted 60% and nearly 50%, respectively. These declines came independent of marriage and motherhood status, and compared with much smaller changes for men, who experienced only a 10% dip in confidence.

In a time where companies around the world are desperately seeking to diversify their leadership teams, your ambition is like lightning in a bottle. Anyone who is a high achiever AND makes it over this two year hump while still desiring to grow in their career will be in high demand. Use that advantage!

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