Quick question for all the managers out there: Are you a Builder or Inspector?

Builders work alongside their teams to create incredible results and a safe, healthy environment. Their biggest goal is creation of results. Inspectors are hyper-focused on the deficiencies they see in their team – commenting on missed opportunities and how to make improvements. While they’re well-meaning AND the most common type of manager, Inspectors can quickly alienate their team members. Why? They’re dialed in to everyone’s weaknesses at the expense of their brilliance.

We have a major crisis in management in 2022 – under-resourced managers. In the modern workplace, employees are usually moved into management roles because of their own performance metrics and not because they desire to lead and develop others. They default to an inspector style of management because it’s all they know – comparing the performance of the team to their own history of success.

What if instead of developing performance improvement plans and giving repetitive feedback on how you want your team to change…you started highlighting how they can use their unique gifts more intentionally? This is the idea behind the Gallup Strengthsfinder system that’s been massively popular in the workplace over the past 20 years. But it doesn’t need to be so complicated.

I simply call it the Serena Williams mindset shift: giving yourself and the team permission to ONLY utilize their gifts (like Serena’s gift at tennis), rather than spending their valuable time and energy becoming more of a well rounded employee. They’ll enjoy their work more, find innovative ways to operate, and create better results.

If you’re wondering when to use these two approaches, I recommend being a Builder in stretch windows and Inspector during work plateaus. 

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