What is your leadership style

How many times have you been asked at corporate events about your leadership style? It’s a broad question and it’s trickier than you’d think to answer effectively. Women leaders may struggle even more than their male counterparts because so much of the research and writing on leadership has been male dominated until fairly recently. 

If you want to feel authentic and confident in your leadership approach, you need to not just accept but embrace your unique approach and perspective instead of trying to fit in. 

That’s why I created the Personal Power Code. Unlike other personality assessments, the Personal Power Code is designed to help women specifically understand their worth in the workplace and how to leverage it effectively. Click here to learn your Personal Power Code!

Let me quickly break down for you the 5 core components of the Personal Power Code. Each category is based on two things: the leadership qualities that companies are seeking in the modern workplace and the strengths many women leaders develop in their careers. 

  1. Influence: How does your energy impact others? If you want to influence the room around you you need to understand which approach is most compelling and authentic to you.

  2. Impetus: What inspires you to get engaged and solve problems? Understanding your inner motivation gives you more control over your energy and workload.

  3. Decision making: How do you make the dozens of choices an hour that you’re required to make? Pinpoint the deciding factor and you can eliminate hours of stress and self doubt.

  4. Impact desire: How do you want to be seen as a leader? Understanding how you want to serve others from the beginning of your career gives you clarity on how to reach that goal.

  5. Creative style: When do you do your best work? Stop relying on moments of motivation and inspiration and instead tweak your schedule and priorities to reflect how you do your most brilliant work.

Did any of these components surprise you? You’ll notice that they’re all focused on understanding your self because self awareness is a critical component of excellent leadership. Once you’ve learned how to manage yourself to excellence you can begin to manage others powerfully as well!