Being a great leader is a moving target – our definition of success as leaders is constantly evolving as the workplace changes. The problem most leaders encounter is staying still and not adapting to those changes efficiently. So what makes a great people leader in 2022 that might not have been the case before?

  • Great leaders value personal connection with their teams and they’re able to foster that connection effectively. Gone are the days of “hands off” leaders who don’t want to be part of the work their team is doing.

  • Great leaders overcommunicate and vary their communication style to meet the needs of their team. Repetition ensures everyone’s on the same page, so strive for consistency through email, verbal and implied communication.

  • Great leaders see unexpected challenges or course corrections as opportunities for the team to tackle together, not inconveniences that could have been avoided. If they treat challenges as mistakes, they’re more focused on blame than on problem solving.

  • Great modern leaders working in a busy world are able to honor structure & team first, before anything else that is seeking their attention. Inbox zero, uninterrupted time ‘in the zone’ and cross department coordination must come secondary to supporting your team. Creating and adhering to a structure is what will ensure the team succeeds.

  • A great leader doesn’t assume themselves to be the expert, and instead asks more questions than they answer. This isn’t about withholding information, but enabling your team to think through their challenges and generate their own answers. It’s also a great way to allow team members to shine by chiming in with their ideas.

  • A great leader is committed to developing the ability to coach others to success quickly and efficiently. While coaching can seem inconvenient, it is absolutely critical to team engagement and success – and it’s 100% possible to do efficiently.

Much of these qualities require self-awareness and the confidence to embody your unique approach to leadership, rather than trying to mimic the behaviors of other leaders. If you’re nervous about doing things differently as a leader in a traditional business, just remember that sticking out as the unusual leader is simply the first step toward standing out as a remarkable performer.

If you need help with any of the above qualities, that’s normal! You’re often not taught how to be a successful leader simply because your title has changed. It’s like the company expects you to just know what you’re doing.

That’s why I do what I do! I’m here to help women like you become powerful modern leaders in the workplace while staying true to themselves (and making it all intuitive). If this is you, send me a message here to let me know a bit about what your current workplace challenges are and I’ll help you brainstorm how coaching can help you up-level your skills and experience at work this year.