How your mindset is stunting your growth

Today’s blog is designed to help you navigate the ‘someday syndrome’ so present in individuals looking to hire a leadership coach or career success coach.

If you’re a professional woman with big goals, I know that it’s tempting to follow every career and leadership coach on Instagram in order to learn how to be as confident, collected and successful as them. I know it’s easy to read emails and blogs, take tons of notes on free webinars and read every book on confident leadership you can get your hands on. If you just study hard enough, you think, you’ll find what you need. 

You might be thinking: 

“I’m not the type of person who hires a coach.” 

“That’s not for people like me.” 

“I’m not in a serious enough leadership position yet.” 

“There’s no way I could ever afford that.”

“Someday I’ll work with her – but I’m not ready yet.” → the someday syndrome that convinces us a later time will feel right.

Spoiler: it never feels like you’ve arrived at someday.

I love free resources and I provide you with a TON to help you grow. But there is absolutely a cap on how much growth can happen with free resources because you are one of a kind.

Free tools are designed to be as helpful to as many people as possible – but without getting into the nitty gritty of your career challenges, overcoming your unique limiting beliefs, and being coached through the exact conversations and obstacles you encounter…you’re not going anywhere.

You won’t feel more confident, collected and successful – you’ll most likely just feel more overwhelmed.

I am no mind reader – but I bet you’re thinking “Yes, but…” and justifying these reasons to yourself right now. Your brilliant brain prefers stasis over change, because stasis is familiar. In other words, you’ll always have 1000 reasons why the time isn’t right for you to try something new.

Today I want to challenge you to consider that doing something new is always going to feel a little edgy and even uncharacteristic of you. Therein lies the possibility for major life and career-changing transformation. When we shake up our behavior, our mindset and our strategy, we shake up our results too!

Signs you’re ready for leadership coaching

You are most likely ready to invest in a leadership coach if you are:

  • Feeling dissatisfied with your current position or company 

  • Moving into a new role in the next 3-6 months

  • Noticing that your lack of confidence is holding you back from being promoted or hired elsewhere

  • An expert in your role to the point that it all feels routine and mundane and you’re lacking your spark to stay engaged at work

  • Managing people for the first or tenth time – each role has a unique team that will present you with unique challenges you need help navigating

  • Receiving feedback that doesn’t feel constructive OR that you’re unsure how to change

  • In a mindset of understanding that anything you invest into your career will create new returns of equal if not greater value

You are most likely not ready to invest in a leadership coach if you are:

  • Happy complaining about your role and don’t want constructive help to change things

  • Still deciding what you want to do in your career (this is more career or job search coaching)

  • Lacking urgency to change your current situation – you’re fine phoning it in for a few more years

If you see yourself in the first list – my challenge to you is to reach out today by emailing me at In the email, share 3 things you’re looking to change about your career and life – and I’ll reply ASAP with a few tips and an invite to talk! Be sure to use the subject line CHALLENGE so your email is flagged as a priority!

If you feel uncertain, nervous nor shy about reaching out – great! That’s a sign from your subconscious that you’re ready for something bigger and are on the right path. One of my coaching mentors used to say that hiring a coach is most people’s very first breakthrough – and I couldn’t agree more! Taking a chance on yourself and investing in your own growth takes a lot of courage, and making a bold move like this always guarantees big shifts in your life.